• Jan 1, 1400

    45,000 BC Neanderthal man

    Neanderthal man carves a picture on a woolly mammoth tooth.
    Facts: Found near Tata, Hungery
    Neanderthals killed woolly mammoths with heavy spears.
  • Jan 4, 1410

    900 BC Chinese postal system

    Chinese devolp postal system to deliver written messages.
    Facts: Delivered mail between empires.
    It was only for the government.
  • Jan 4, 1420

    776 BC Homing pigeons

    Homing pigeons carry messages about the Olympics for Ancient Greeks.
    Facts: Homing pigeons can go 60 mph for short bursts.
    Homing pigeons use the sun and stars to navigate.
  • Jan 4, 1450

    1450 Moveable printing press

    Johann Gutenberg invents a printing press using moveable metal type.
    Facts: He convinced a wealthy man to give him 800 guilders (I think that is equal to $448).
    He published the 42 line bible in 1455
  • 1792 Mechanical semaphore

    Mechanical semaphore is invented in France.
    Facts: Could send a message 210 miles in ten minutes in good weather.
    Invented by Claude Chappe
  • 1837 Morse Code

    Samuel Morse invents a telegraph that can send short and long beeps, called "dots" and "dashes"
    Facts: There is an international version of the morse code.
    Morse code is most popular among amateur radio operators although it is not needed to know anymore.
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