facts about history

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  • Jan 3, 900

    Byzantine ship

    Byzantine ship capaitns use colored flags to send signals to one another across the water They had to put it at differen't hieghts for differen't signals
  • Period: Jan 4, 900 to

    history timespan

  • early news papers

    the first printed fore runners were found in Germany in the late 1400,s. The first succsesful tittle was the weekly news of 1622
  • Samuel morse invents the telegraph that can send short and long beeps called dots and dashes

    telegraph from greek words
    it is used to talk to other people
  • Thomas Edison invents the phonograph, a device to record sound on a wax cylinder

    he put mary had a little lamb into it and recorded it and it worked and played back.
    the phonograph let solders put music in it and bring it off to war.
  • pictures are first transmitted over telephone lines.

    the thing that can send the pictures over telephone lines is called a fax mashine.
    in 1965 it was relesed in stores.