Facts about History

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  • Jan 14, 776

    Homing Pigons

    Homing pigons carry messages about the Oylimpics for the Ancient Greeks
  • Jan 7, 900

    Byzantine ship captains use colored flags to send signals

  • Jan 14, 1450

    Printing Press

  • Early Newspapers are published

    -the first printed forerunners were found in germany in the late 1400's
    -the first sucsesful newspaper was the weekly news of 1622
  • Mechanical semaphore is invented in France

    It is the first traffic sign, Claude Chap made it.
  • Ada Byron

    Ada Byron, a mathematician writes the first computer program for a computing machine desinged by Charles Babbage, but it was never built.
    -Ada Byron is the daughter5 of the famous poet Lord Byron
  • Samuel Morse invent the telegraph that can send short and long beeps called dots and dashes

  • Telephine

  • thomas Edison invents the phonograph

  • radio signal

    Gugliermo Marconi sends the first radio signal across the Atlantis Ocean.
    -He sent a morse code letter S
    -He was in Newfoundland when he sent it
  • 3500 BC, Summerians record pictographs.

    Summerians record pictographs representing words on clay tablets.
  • the ofirst pictures are transmitted over telephones

  • Neanderthals

  • E-mail

    The first E-mail messages are sent
    -the two computers that the computer that sent the E-mail and the one that received it were side by side
    - Ray Tomlinson sent an Email to his friends explaining how to send an Email
  • the personal computer, both small and powerful,is invented

    in early 1975 the computer is invented
    the computer was made in 1972
  • Tim berners-Lee invents the world wide web

  • Browser

    Mard Andreeson creates the first browser program, allowing people to navagate the web
    -The browser he invented was called Mosaic
    -At that time it acounted for 1% of internet traffic
  • Period: to


  • rags to paper

    The Chinese make paper from rags
    -Chinese paper making is over 2,000 years old
    -paper was so prized that you were forbidden to step on it
  • Postal system

  • Mechanical semaphore