Communication Development Timeline

  • Jan 1, 776

    Homing pigeons carry messages about the olympics

    The first olympic game is held.It was an attribute from the greeks to the gods.
  • Jan 1, 1450

    Johann Gutenberg invents a printing press

    It was a hand press, in witch ink rolled over the raised surfaces of moveable handset block letters within a wooden form which was then pressed against paper.
  • Mechanical semaphore is invented

    Claude Chappe in France developed a mechanical semaphore to point to numbers and create a message.
  • ada byron

    1834 slaved program new types the person who inventeded it
  • Samuel Morse invents a telegraph.

    Morse code--diferent combos of dots and dashes encode the letters of the alphabet and the numbers.
  • first successful

    cable invented then first sony.
  • 1877 Thomas Edison invents the phonograph, a device to record sound on a was cylinder

    It wasn't until 1886 until he used wax coated cylinders, at first, Edison used tin foil The first sucessful message played back said, "Mary had a little lamb."
  • gugliermo marconi sends frist radio singnsl across the atlantic pcean

    marconi likes sciences inerecricty and he won a noble prize in phisics
  • Pictures are first transmitted over telephone lines

    AT&T first demonstrated by sending a picture from Cleveland to New York. This action is also known as fax/faxing
  • 1963 The first communications satellite is launched, allowing live broadcast of the 1964 Olympics

    The satellite was called Syncom 3 It was placed over the International Dateline
  • internet is invented bye the usa government

    as it was involed for long distaance it got very popular in the us
  • The first E-mail message are sent

    The first E-mail is sent it read QWERTYUIOP.iT WAS SENT BY Ray Tomlinson
  • the frist emoticon is used in an e-mail message

    they use to just type in something scoot says he invented it
  • First cell phone

    weights 2 pounds he made it in six weeks to make the frist mobile cell phone.
  • 1990 Tim Berner's-Lee invents the World Wide Web

    The World Wide Web is commonly mistaken for the Internet itself. WWW is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed through the Internet
  • marc andreeson

    i is a american he fond a liltle sole it was manliare
  • 45,000 B.C. Neanderthal man carves a picture on a woolly mammoth tooth

    (NOTE: The placement of this event on the timeline is not accurate because this program would not let me put it that far back in history) The tooth was discovered near Tata, Hungary
  • chinese develop postal system to deliver written messages 900 bc

    it was establish in the 19 century
  • Byzantine ship captins use colored flags to send signals

    During naval operations the captins would send orders with banners of various colors, or with firs of smoke.
  • 3,500 B.C. Sumerians record pictographs representing words on clay tablets

    (NOTE: The placement of this event on the timeline is not accurate because the program would not let me place it that far back in history) Sumerian writing is the first known written language It can be very hard, even for experts, to read the writing