social media 1900-2000

  • Invention of the computer

    Invention of the computer
    The computer was extremely revolutionary and the computer influenced how social media is accessed and created today
  • Invention of email

    Invention of email
    The invention of the email made it even easier for people to communicate from far distances with relatively fast speed
  • Period: to

    Invention of compuserve

    CompuServe was one of the earliest forms of internet and of coarse the internet is the basis of current social media.
  • invention of USENET

    invention of USENET
    UseNet let people post articles and post on different newsgroups.
  • invention of the IRC

    invention of the IRC
    IRC the internet relay chat was used to let people keep in touch and share files and links.
  • invention of six degrees

    invention of six degrees
    six degrees was the first ever modern social network. This network allowed people to create profiles and meet new people. The six degrees was the first thing that was really similar to what modern social media is.
  • invention of LiveJornal

    invention of LiveJornal
    LiveJournal was a social network that was built to have constantly updating blogs and allowing people to follow one another and create groups as well as interact with other people. LiveJournal was big innovation from SixDegrees allowing for people to interact and share with each other more.