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  • The Turing Test

    The Turing Test
    Wikipedia of the Turing Test Alan Turing writes on On Computable Numbers in which he suggests a universal machine which he suggests a universal machine that can do any calculation. Turing also suggests that some day machines might some day posses intelligence; he proposes the first test for the machines which is now known as the turing test.
  • Dendral - Expert System

    Dendral - Wikipedia Link Dendral was an influential pioneer project in artificial intelligence (AI) of the 1960s, and the computer software expert system that it produced. Its primary aim was to help organic chemists in identifying unknown organic molecules, by analyzing their mass spectra and using knowledge of chemistry. It was done at Stanford University by Edward Feigenbaum, Bruce Buchanan, Joshua Lederberg, and Carl Djerassi.
  • Liza and Parry

    In 1966, Joseph Weizenbaum created a program which appeared to pass the Turing test. The program, known as ELIZA, worked by examining a user's typed comments for keywords. If a keyword is found, a rule that transforms the user's comments is applied, and the resulting sentence is returned. If a keyword is not found, ELIZA responds either with a generic riposte or by repeating one of the earlier comments.[24] In addition, Weizenbaum developed ELIZA to replicate the behaviour of a Rogerian psychoth

    PROLOG Link to Wikipedia A computer language designed in Europe to support natural language processing. A program which allows the user to Program.
  • Alice (Software)

    Alice is a freeware object-oriented educational programming language with an integrated development environment (IDE). Alice uses a drag and drop environment to create computer animations using 3D models. The software was developed first at University of Virginia, then Carnegie Mellon (from 1997), by a research group led by the late Randy Pausch.