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Timeline created by MiloyMulvihill
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  • -800 BCE

    The comet hit the earth

    The comet hit the earth
  • Mitsuha was born

    Mitsuha was born
  • Taki was born

    Taki was born
  • taki woke up in mitsuhas body confused

  • Taki keeps possesing mitsuhas mody every time he goes to sleep for 2 months

    He writes notes to her and she writes notes to him. So they can talk to each other.
  • There was a fesival

    there was a festival the happened to be on the night of another comet that hits the ground and kills mitsuha.
  • Nothing happened for 2 years

  • Mitsuha possed takis body

    mitsuha pulled a reverse taki and possesses his body. They communicated like they did when taki possesses mitsuhas body for almost the whole year.
  • taki tried to contacted mitsuha with his phone

  • taki wants answers

    taki goes to mitsuhas town. He wants to find mitsuha, but she died. He finds this out when seeing a crater for where the town should be. also i got the date wrong an the last one.
  • Taki finds the saki

    Tski finds the sake the mitsuha made. He drinks it and gets nocked out. He travels back in time. he finds mitsuha and has a conversation with her.
  • Both of them go back to there timelines happy