WWII timeline

  • Period: to


    World war II battles with nucular weapons and conentration camps
  • Battle of the Atlantic

    Battle of the Atlantic
    Untied states fight Germany. US lost 18,000 men
  • Britian war

    Britian war
    Britian decided to stay in the war
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japan bomb hawii
  • Battle of Midway

    Battle of Midway
    US fighting against Japan
  • Operation torch

    Operation torch
    U.S. faught with Germany ad France
  • Battle of El Guetter

    Battle of El Guetter
    US fighting against Germany and italy
  • Batttle of Sicily

    Batttle of Sicily
    US fighted against Italy and germany
  • Battle of Salerno

    Battle of Salerno
    US fightin against Italy and Germany
  • Battle of Tarawa

    Battle of Tarawa
    US fighting agaisnt Japan
  • Battle of Kwajalenin

    Battle of Kwajalenin
    US is fighting Japan
  • Battle of Monte Cassino

    Battle of Monte Cassino
    US fighting against Gemany
  • Battle of Guam

    Battle of Guam
    United State caputured japanses at the second battle
  • Battle of Nancy

    Battle of Nancy
    US fighting against Germany
  • Battle of the bulge

    Battle of the bulge
    US fighting agaisnt Germany
  • Colmar Pocket

    Colmar Pocket
    US against Germany