WWII Events

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  • SS-Death's Head Units

    (In relation to the Shoah) This was the name for an organization who's purpose is to lead the Nazi concentration camps, like the Shoah (or Holocaust). This group is relevant because the camps they were in charge of took place in Germany during 1934-1945.
  • Invasion of Poland

    (in relation to Blizkrieg) In this event, Germany invaded Poland during WWII, using warefare called Blizkrieg. This is important because the Polish were defeated, and so they were controlled by the Germans until 1945. This caused territories from Poland to be annexed.
  • Operation Lucid

    (in relation to Operation Overlord) Operation Lucid was a plan to defend Britain from a possible invasion from Germany. This was influenced by a threat from Germany to invade Britain. The objective was to use fire ships to attack those trying to attack Britain by crossing France first. Like Operation Overlord, troops tried to target France. However, the operation was a fail due to bad weather and ships. Shows that it is difficult to attack Britain.
  • Japanese- American Internment

    (in relation to internment) During WWII, President Roosevelt's decision to sign an order for Japanese-Americans (including those born in the U.S.) to move to concentration camps within the U.S. affected about 120,000 individuals. The camps surrounded the Western states. The camps finally came to an end five months after WWII ended in 1946. Important because the U.S. government targeted a specific group of people.
  • Battle of El Alamein

    The German was trying to take over a shipping lane in Britain. However, this strategy proved to be successful.
  • Operation Torch

    The Allies wanted to take over territory that belonged to France in northwest Africa. Major event because the victory allowed them access to Italy.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    (European Theater) This was the last attack against the Allies in WWI.
  • D-Day (Operation Overlord)

    This operation on Normandy and Omaha Beach was important because it forced Hitler to send troops into France to hold the Allies off.
  • United Nations

    (in relation to United Nations) This organization was heavily credited with helping form peace within countries. Their objective was to go on missions to help keep peace between nations or countries. This is important because without it, the war would probably continue even further.
  • Battle of Ino Jima

    The fighting mostly took place in the waters and so they were naval battles. However, this is imporant because it wears down the Japanese army, so that they are not overwhelmed by the fighting.
  • Battle of Berlin

    (in relation to Theater of War) This was one of the major and last battles in the European Theater of War that took place during WWII. Although it lasted less than two weeks, it was known that Hitler and some of his followers committed suicide before the end of the battle. Berlin, Germany was attacked by Soviet forces from all directions.
  • Bombing of Hiroshima

    (In relation to Pearl Harbor) 4 years later after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the U.S. got revenge by bombing the city of Hiroshima in Japan. Many citizens and structures within the city were destroyed. This had a big impact on the war because due to the deadly bombs dropped by the U.S., the emperor of Japan announced the country's surrender.
  • Bombing of Nagasaki

    (in relation to Fat Man & Little Boy) This event influenced the Japanese to surrender to the U.S. It was the second and final bombing from the U.S. following Hiroshima three days later. Around early morning, the bomb, called Fat Man, dropped on the city of Nagasaki. Significant because the city and its citizens suffered from extensive damage as well as deaths.
  • U.N. charter is ratified.

    This is important because people signed to agree to create the United Nations.
  • Auschwitz Trials

    (in relation to Nuremberg Trials) These trials were also against war crimes like the Nuremberg Trials. The Germans were found guilty due to concentration camps. This is important because it shows that war crimes used by the Germans shouldn't be tolerated.
  • Creation of Isareal

    (in relation to Zionism) WWII began zionism, because after the Holocaust was over, the Jewish needed land to move to. This was a major event because there was much debate from the U.N. (United Nations) whether this was a good development. But also, this was important because Isreal became another home to just Jewish people.