ww2 battles

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  • battle of belgium

    battle of belgium
    belgium,france, united kingdom, Netherlands ,germany fought in this battle. germany violated the treaty of london thats why it was important.
  • battle of crete

    battle of crete
    it was fought crete region, greece. greek, Germany, Bulgaria, and Italy fought in this war. the Germans made a large-scale use of paratroopers during the sudden invasion. Though a victory, the Battle of Crete saw these forces sustain such high losses that they were not used again by the Germans.
  • battle of moscow

    battle of moscow
    it occured in moscow.russia and germany fought in this battle,because the Soviets were able to successfully prevent the most serious attempt to capture their capital.
  • pearl harbor

    pearl harbor
    the battle was fought in America, the battle was between japan and America, this battle was significant because it was a surprise , it came out of nowhere and was one of the factors that caused us to join the war.
  • battle of wake island

    battle of wake island
    this battle was fought on wake island between japan and the united states. we lost wake island
  • Doolittle raid

    Doolittle raid
    this occured in Tokyo japan. united states, china and japan fought in this battle. it gave a much needed morale boost to the nation and proved to the Japanese that their home islands were vulnerable to American attacks.
  • the battle of midway

    the battle of midway
    it occured at midway atoll, japan and America, Because of its location, Midway was carefully believed to be an important strategic island for Japan in the war.
  • battle of Tunis

    battle of Tunis
    the battle occured in Tunisia. the Axis and Allied forces, it helped free the prisoners of war
  • Normandy (D-Day)

    Normandy (D-Day)
    the battle happened was in France, Allied Forces of Britain, America, Canada, and France attacked German forces on the coast of Normandy, the significance was that it helped us push back the german forces and was the turning point of the war. the battle helped us to secure the our win and helped end the war.
  • battle of Leyte gulf

    battle of Leyte gulf
    united states, australia and japan all fought in this battle in leyete gulf,pasific ocean , phillipines, and leyte. it crippled the Japanese Combined Fleet, permitted U.S. invasion of the Philippines.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    Ardennes, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium are the different places the battle of the bulge occurred. the allied powers launched and attack on the western front of France. it was a last ditch effort by the german army. this battle was significant because it was germanys attempt to split us up from our allies and lower our defenses/amount of troops.
  • battle of iwo jima

    battle of iwo jima
    the battle was fought in japan between japan and the united states. It was the first major battle of World War II to take place on Japanese homeland.
  • battle of okiwana

    battle of okiwana
    the battle occured on okiwana island, the battle was fought between the Empire of Japan and the Allies. it was part of a three point plan by the americans and was one of the major battles of ww2
  • battle of berlin

    battle of berlin
    the battle was fought along the Oder River near Berlin. the countries that fought in this battle were Soviet Union, Poland, Germany, USA, British, and the French came in later.it was the last major battle in europe and brought about the end.