• Period: to

    WW II

  • Invasion of Poland

    Germany wanted to press on with ruleing the world and wanted to take over Polands land.
  • Britain and France declare War

    Britain and France swore to help Poland out so when Germany attacked Poland, Britain and france were supposed to come in defence but Germany captured it to quickly.
  • Hitler invades France

    Germany was now very powerful but so were other countrys so Hitler dicided if they took out France they would become even more powerful.
  • Miracle at Dunkirk

    Germans could have killed the English and French so easy but instead of killing them they decided not. Hitler feared it was a trap because it was to easy. So Hitler pulled his troops out.
  • Battle of britain

    As Germany wanted to proceed on taking over many countrys they dicided to move to Britain. But britain had a stronger military and held off Germanys attacks.
  • Pearl Harbour

    Military Navy base was there. Also bombed because Japan was invading southern Asia and the U.S wanted to stop that from happening so Japan bombed the U.S
  • USA enters the war

    The US joined the war the day after Japan attacked them at Pearl Harbour. The US entered the war by declaring war opon the Japanies.
  • Battle of Midway

    Japan wanted to do the same thing as they did during Pearl Harbour.
  • Raid on Dieppe

    The Allies wanted to push back the Germans from proceeding any further with there plans.
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Germany had signed a non-agression pack with the USSR which ment they wouldnt attack eachother nor help one another. Germany decided not to follow this contract and attack the USSR.
  • D-day

    The Allied forces gathered together to attack the Germans in Normandy so they could no longer press on with taking over other countrys and citites. The Allied forces won the battle.
    The Allies forces land in 5 beachs : Omaha , Utah , Sword , Juno , Gold.
  • A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima

    The United States threaten Japan to surrender, but Japan said no. So with out any further ado U.S.A drppoed a bomb on Hiroshima.
  • A-bomb dropped on Nagasaki

    Japan refused to surrender under the United States so the United States dropped two A-bombs on Japan, the one in Hiroshima and this one in Nagasaki.
  • End of WWII in Europe

    Mussolini's death. Hitlers death. Germans surrender in Italy. Germans surrender in Berlin.Germans surrender in Northwest Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. Germans in Bavaria surrender. Allies Victory.
  • End of WWII

    Earlier at the beggining of WW2 Japan had raided Pearl Harbour, making The U.S.A decide to join the war. The A-bombs were payback.