World War II

By ks11879
  • War starts

    War starts
    War beginning to end
    France and Britain declare war on Germany
  • Period: to

    World war 2

  • Russia gets involved

    Soviet Union invades Poland in the east
  • Poland surrenders

    Poland surrenders to Soviet Union
  • Germany fights

    Germany attacks France
  • France surrenders

    France surrenders
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    pearl harbor
    Japan bombs Pearl Harbor
  • Hitler dies

    Hitler dead
    Germany surrenders
  • Nuclear bomb 1

    Atomic bombings Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima 90,000-166,000 were killed in japan
  • Nuclear bomb 2

    Nuclear bomb 2
    Nagasaki bombing
    Atomic bomb dropped on Nagaskaki 60,000-80,000 were killed
  • End of war

    End of war
    the bombings
    Japan surrenders