World War Dos

By kkinde
  • U.S. recongnizes USSR

  • "Lend-Lease"

    Roosevelt allowed to send ammo & other supplies to England.
  • U.S. freezes German & Italian assests

  • U.S. freezes Japanese assests

  • Roosevelt & Churchill

    Announce Atlantic Charter
  • U.S. cuts off oil exports to Japan

  • U.S. kicks Japan outta China & Indochina

  • Japan visits Washington

    Japan discusses ways to avoid war with U.S.
  • Pearl Harbor

    The Japanese Army surprise attacked Pearl Harbor in the morning, killing 2,500 and injuring 1,000 more.
  • The U.S. Declares War

    The Japs bombed us and we said "screw you, Japs- we're gunna bomb you back!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Italy declares war on U.S.

  • Hilter declares war

    Hilter declares war back on the United States
  • U.S. Troops arrive in Australia

  • %,000 American soldiers die

    die on a forced march from Japanese soldiers
  • USSR defats GERMany

  • D-Day

  • GERMany surrenders