Wind Energy

  • Minneapolis, US

    Joe and Marcellus Jacobs open the Jacobs Wind factory, producing wind turbine generators. The generators are used on farms to charge batteries and power lighting.
  • The first vertical axis wind turbine

    The first vertical axis wind turbine, the Darrieus turbine, is invented by Frenchman George Darrieus who in 1931 has it patented in the US. The design, often referred to as the "eggbeater windmill", beacause of the appearance of its two or three blades, is still used today.
  • Yalta, former USSR

    A precursor to the modern horizontal wind generator is used in Yalta, generating 100kW. The turbine has a 30m tower and a 32% load factor, which means it provides 32% of its potential energy output, pretty good even by today's standards.
  • Vermont, US

    The world's first megawatt wind turbine is built and connected to the power grid in Castleton, Vermont. The turbine has 75-foot blades and weighs 240 tons.
  • Ohio, US

    The United States government, led by Nasa, begins research into large commercial wind turbines. 13 experimental turbines were placed into operation and the research paveed the way for many of the multi-megawatt technologies used today.
  • New Hampshire, US

    The world's first windfarm consisting of 20 turbines is built in New Hampshire. The windfarm failed due to the turbines broke down and the developers overestimated the wind resource.