William Shakespeare - Life

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  • 1,590 BCE

    Shakespeare's first play.

    Around this time, Shakespeare writes Henry VI, Part One, his very first play.
  • 1,585 BCE

    Twins were born.

    Anne Hathaway gives birth to twins, son Hamnet and daughter Judith. The babies are named after Shakespeare's close friends, Hamnet and Judith Sadler.
  • 1,583 BCE

    His first child was born.

    Six months after their marriage, the Shakespeare's first child, Susanna, is born and baptized.
  • 1,582 BCE

    Shakespeare marries.

    Shakespeare (18) marries 26 year old Anne Hathaway
  • 1,569 BCE

    Shakespeare goes to school.

    Shakespeare enters King's New School, an excellent grammar school in Stratford attended by the sons of civil servants like his father. Boys typically enter the school around the age of five, but since no official records survive its impossible to know exactly when Shakespeare starts his education.
  • 1,564 BCE

    William Shakespeare was born -

  • Plague closes theaters

    London theaters are closed due to an outbreak of bubonic plague that eventually kills about five percent of the city's residents.
  • Period:
    1,564 BCE
    1,616 BCE

    William Shakespeare - Life