William Shakespeare

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  • Apr 23, 1564

    The Birth of William Shakespeare

    The Birth of William Shakespeare
    William Shakespeare was born in Stratford to John and Mary Arden Shakespeare. He is the fourth of the Shakespeares' eight children.
  • Shakespeare Marries Anne Hathaway

    Shakespeare Marries Anne Hathaway
    William was 18 years old and his new bride, Anne Hathaway, was 26 years old.
  • Shakespeare Writes his 1st Play

    Shakespeare Writes his 1st Play
    It is estimated that around 1590 Shakespeare wrote Henry VI, Part One. Around this same time, Shakespeare left Stratford to work as a playwright and actor in London.
  • London Theaters Close

    London Theaters Close
    Due to the outbreak of the bubonic plague, the city of London shuts down the theaters. Shakespeare uses this new found time to write poetry.
  • His 1st Poem is Published

    His 1st Poem is Published
    "Venus and Adonis" was Shakespeare's first published poem.
  • London's Theaters Re-open

    In the spring of 1594, the London theaters re-open to the public. Over the next 5 years Shakespeare's troupe, the Chamberlain's Men, becomes one of the most popular acting groups in London, and is frequently invited to perform in the royal court of Queen Elizabeth I.
  • "The Rape of Lucrece" is Published

    Published in May of 1594 (exact date uknown).
  • The Globe Theater is Built

    The Globe Theater is Built
    The Chamberlain's Men build the Globe, a wooden theater in London. Many of Shakespeare's most famous plays were performed for the first time here, including Hamlet, Othello, and King Lear. Other plays thought to have been written by Shakespeare in 1599 are: Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It, Julius Caesar, and The Merry Wives of Windsor. The Globe Theater was destroyed by fire on June 29, 1613. The theater was rebuilt on the same site in June 1614 and closed in 1642.
  • Blackfriars Theater

    Blackfriars Theater
    The King's Men begin performing at Blackfriars, an indoor theater in London. Shakespeare's writting begins to take on a lighter tone in plays like Cymbeline, The Winter's Tale, and The Tempest. (Exact date unknown)
  • The Sonnets are Published

    The Sonnets are Published
    Published by Thomas Thorpe (exact date unknown)
  • The Final Plays

    Shakespeare composes his final plays— Henry VIII, Two Noble Kinsmen (possibly written in 1614), and the now lost Cardenio.
    (exact dates unknown)
  • Shakespeare Dies

    On his 52nd birthday he dies from an unknown illness.
  • The Burial

    The Burial
    Shakespeare is buried in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford, and his marker orders a curse on anyone who disturbs his grave.
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    Apr 22, 1564

    Timeline of William Shakespeare

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    Shakespeare Moves Back to Stratford

    Shakespeare leaves London and moves back to Stratford to be with family. (Exact date unknown)