William McKinley

  • Birth

    born in Nile, Ohio
  • religion

    William McKinley became a Methodist after a conversation with someone when he was younger and as he got older he decided that was where he wanted to go.
  • Elementry-high school

    Elementry-high school
    he went to a public school near Poland, Ohio
  • Governor

    He was the governor of Ohio
  • College

    He went to Allegheny to be a lawyer
  • Job

    William McKinley became a lawyer
  • second lieutenant

    second lieutenant
    He was promoted to second lieutenant in the Battle of Antietam
  • Marriage

    He married Ida Saxton McKinley and they never got a divorce
  • first child

    first child
    Katherine McKinley and she died at 3
  • second child

    second child
    Ida McKinley Jr. and she died when she was about 5 months old.
  • second child dies

    second child dies
    Ida Jr. died at about 4.5 months old
  • first child dies

    first child dies
    Katherine died at age 3
  • soldier

    He was a soldier in a war in ohio
  • Captain

    William McKinley was named captain in one of the wars.
  • car

    William McKinley was the first president to ride in a car, out of office.
  • Governor

    He became the governor of Ohio and this was his first experience in office.
  • Became president

    Became president
    He became president after he got beat out a couple times.
  • Dingley Traffic Law

    Dingley Traffic Law
    He helped pass the law and it happened when he was president. It raised customs duties by 57%.
  • Coal Mine

    Coal Mine
    This happened when William McKinley wads president and he chose to reduce the work hours to 8 hour days.
  • nickname

    he got the nickname Wobbly Willy when we were in war with Spain, he got it because he was super clumsy.
  • nickname

    After William McKinley became president and a solider the people who lived in Ohio named him the Idol of Ohio.
  • Battle ship

    Battle ship
    A battle ship named Maine exploded killing 266 Americans while William McKinley was in office
  • War at Manila Bay

    War at Manila Bay
    We won the war against Spain and got supplies and other advantages.
  • Garret Hobart

    Garret Hobart
    William McKinley's vice president died.
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt
    When he became vice president because Garret Hobart died.
  • died

    William McKinley was shot in Buffalo, New York
  • End of term

    End of term
    he died so his term was over but he was in office for 4 years.
  • Ambulance

    He was the first president to be in an ambulance he went after he was shot.
  • Ida McKinley

    Ida McKinley
    she died but I do not know why and she died in Ohio.
  • $500 bill

    $500 bill
    After William McKinley died his face was put on the $500 bill in honor of him.