william henry harrison

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  • william henry harrison was born

    william henry harrison was born
    he was born in Berkeley plantation, Charles City County, Virginia
  • hampden-sydney college

    hampden-sydney college
    he attended hampden-sydney collage at the age of 14 and in 1787. William studied rhetoric, geography, history, mathematics, Greek and Latin, helped found a literary society, and indicated a great passion for military history.
  • harrison changed his career

    In 1791, Harrison changed career paths, joining the First Infantry of the Regular Army and heading to the Northwest. He served under General Anthony Wayne in his struggle against the Northwest Indian Confederation, which culminated in the Battle of Fallen Timbers
  • got married

    he got married to Anna Tuthill Symmes
  • Elizabeth Bassett

    had his daughter Elizabeth Bassett
  • army

    he resigned from the army in 1797
  • John Cleves Symmes

    Had their son John Cleves Symmes
  • harrsison left military service

    he left to become the secretary of northwest territory
  • Lucy Singleton

    had his daughter Lucy Singleton
  • William Henry

    had his son William Henry
  • John Scott

    had his son John Scott
  • Benjamin

    had their son Benjamin
  • native population

    the native population became fierce in their resistance
  • Mary Symmes

    they had their daughter Mary Symmes
  • Carter Bassett

    they had their son Carter Bassett
  • harrison lead force

    he lead force against the indian confederacy in india. Tecumseh and his brother the prophet were the leaders of the confederacy. The native americnas attacked harrison and his men while they slept at Tippecanoe creek. Harrison quickly led his men to stop the attackers and the burned down their town called prophetstown
  • war of 1812

    harrison began the war of 1812 as the major general of the kentucky militia and ended as major general of the northwest territories.
  • Anna Tuthill

    they had their daughter Anna Tuthill
  • James Findlay

    they had their son James Findlay
  • resigned

    he resigned from military in may 1814
  • served in house of representatives

    He served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1816 to 1819
  • Ohio Senate

    he served in the ohio senate from 1819 to 1812
  • U.S. Senate

    he served in the U.S. senate from 1825 to 1828
  • run for president

    the first time he ran for president he was unsuccessful
  • sencond time he ran for president

    sencond time he ran for president
    he was renominated 1840 with john tyler as his vice president. He was supported by president martin van buren. This election is considered to be the first modern caimpaign including advertisment and more. He handily won the election with 234 out of 294 electoral votes
  • william henry harrison died

    he got a cold, he didnt have the proper clothing to heat him up so he died