William Golding Timeline

By sara03
  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    William Golding was born in Saint Colomb Minor, Cornwall, England on September 19, 1911. He grew up in a 14th century dilapidated house located next to a graveyard. Mildred, his mother, was a powerful women who voiced her thoughts, constantly fighting for her right to vote. Golding's father, Alex, was a schoolmaster.
  • Educational Factors

    Educational Factors
    The fact that Golding's father was a teacher allowed Golding to go to school and pursue his education. The school he went to was the school that his father was head of, Marlborough Grammar School. Even as a boy, he obtained a fascination for books and learned the luxury of reading. When he was a child, authors he held dearest to him were H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Since he was 7, Golding wrote stories with his creative imagination and playful heart. At the age of 12, he tried to write a novel.
  • Moving On

    Moving On
    William Golding headed to Brasenose College at Oxford University after he completed primary school. His father had high aspirations for his song, hoping he would become a successful scientist. William studied science for two years and then instead chose the path of literature.
  • Publishing

    The first book William Golding published hardly gained any attention and was disregarded by critics. The collection of poems was produced a year before his college ended, in 1934. Most probably, the collection of poems did not acquire popularity because Golding was an inexperienced writer.
  • Graduating

    William Golding graduated college successfully and prospered throughout the years he attended it. He acquired a Bachelor of Arts in English and a diploma in education.
  • Period: to

    Career Part 1

    College came to an end and Golding started to be a social worker in a dowdy part of London, located in settlement houses and theaters. Golding himself stated that the years he spent working as a writer, actor and producer in theaters later helped to mold him as a writer as well.
  • Career Part 2

    Career Part 2
    In 1935, Golding mirrored the actions his father once made and began his career as a teacher for English and philosophy in Salisbury at Bishop Wordsworth's School.
  • Later Years

    Later Years
    William Golding married Ann Brookfield. He created a family with her and had two children, David and Judith.
  • Period: to

    Leaving Briefly

    Although Golding took pleasure in teaching the subject he treasured, he put his country first and temporarily left his job in 1940 to join the Royal Navy during World War II. The fiver years he spent in the barbaric war significantly impacted him. During the time, he witnessed harrowing sights and deeply influenced his writing style.
  • The Great Success

    The Great Success
    Golding published his bestselling book "Lord of the Flies". It is said that he intermixed his years of experience in school and preppy boys with the bloody and barbaric time he was in war. The book was not an instant hit whatsoever, however. In fact it was turned away by 21 publishers before he reached triumph.
  • Later Success

    Later Success
    Two decades after Golding's novel "Lord of the Flies" was released, it received a Nobel prize for Literature. William Golding was 73 at the time.
  • Wistful Death

    Wistful Death
    The few years before William Golding passed away, he lived a tranquil life near Falmouth, Cornwall with his dear wife. Even at this age, the man continued to write- he truly did write from his youth up until his very passing.On a disconsolate day in 1993, Golding passed away at 81 because of a heart attack in Perranarworthal, Cornwall. Although his soul has left us, many will never forget his impactful presence.