William Golding

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  • Birth Of William Golding

    He was Born in September on 19, 1911 in Saint Columb Minor .
  • The Teacher

    He started teaching english and philosophy in Sailsbury but he left.
  • The Navy

    Goldings left teaching to be apart of the navy in 1940
  • Publishing

    In 1954 he pubished his first novel Lord of the Flies.
  • Stopped teaching.

    He stopped teaching in 1963
  • Nobel Prize

    Two decades later after he stopped teaching he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.
  • Knighted

    He was knighted in 1988 by Englands Queen Elizabeth the Second
  • New Film

    In 1990 there was a new film version released for lord of the flies
  • Death of William Golding

    He died of a heart attack in June 19 1993