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William Golding

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    The life of William Goldin

  • becomes an English teacher

    becomes an English teacher
    William started teaching English and philosophy in Salisbury in 1935.
  • He fought WW2

    He fought WW2
    even though William had a passion for teaching, in 1940 Golding temporarily abandoned the profession to join the Royal Navy and fight in World War II.
  • Made it out of WW2

    Made it out of WW2
    In 1945, after World War II ended, William Golding went back to teaching and writing.
  • The book he made

    The book he made
    In 1954, after 21 rejections, Golding published his first and most successful novel, Lord of the Flies. The novel was about the story of a group of immature boys stranded on a deserted island after a plane wreck.
  • He moved on to films

    He moved on to films
    In 1963, the year after Golding retired from teaching, Peter Brook made a film adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel
  • He was awarded the Nobel Prize

    He was awarded the Nobel Prize
    Two decades later, when he was 73, Golding was awarded the 1983 Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • He was knighted

    He was knighted
    Five years later, In 1988 he was knighted by England’s Queen Elizabeth II.
  • His book became a movie

    His book became a movie
    In 1990 a new film version of the Lord of the Flies was released, bringing the book to the attention of a new generation of readers.
  • His death

    His death
    On June 19, 1993, Golding died of a heart attack in Perranarworthal, Cornwall.