William (billy) A. Elliott

  • The first letter he wrote

    He started out telling that he is doing good then he asked how they are doing he was in wilmington , N.C
    the letter was to: Richard will
  • The second letter

    he wrote his second letter to his dad he has moved locations he is in southomption virginia
    to: Richard w. Elliott
  • The third letter

    at this time he had aright smart battle with the yankies on tuesedays he moved locations again he moved to miles hill
    this letter was also to richard w. elliotte
  • The fith letter

    he askes for some pants and soap
  • the sixth letter

    he had to lay in the cold with one blanket
  • the fourth letter

    on decemeber/8/1982 they went fifteen miles of suffolk they had ten thousand troops with them and they had nearly fifty along we loanded them all corn park foldders
    To richard w. elliott