Where am I Wearing

  • Handuras

    In July 2005 Kelesy begins his jurney in Handuras, where his shirt was made. He talks about how little pay the workers recieve and the horrid conditions of their work place.
  • Bangladesh

    In April of 2007 the journey takes Kelsey to Bangladesh, where his, as said in the book, Jingle these boxers where made. He learns about the type of person that would have made them and what it was like for them.
  • Cambodia

    The trip takes us to Cambodia, where his jeans were made. He visits sweat shops and learns about child labor.
  • China

    He visits China, where his flip flops were made. He learns that there are people working in the worst conditions for very little money.
  • America

    He returns to America and his journey comes to an end.