Warren Court decision of the 60's

By fungus
  • Mapp vs. Ohio

    Mapp vs. Ohio
    A case held by the supreme cout involving Dollree Mapp and some police oficers that broke into her house without showing her the search warrent.
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    Warren Court decisions of the 1960's

  • Engle vs. Vitale

    Engle vs. Vitale
    Students in a Nerw York school forced its residents to say a prayer each morning which violated the student's religious freedoms.
  • Gideon vs. Wainwright

    Gideon vs. Wainwright
    Gideon was charged with a felony and was denied the right of councel.
  • Escobedo vs. Illinois

    Escobedo vs. Illinois
    Escobedo was confeesed to murder while being interrogated and was never allowed to see his lawyer.
  • Miranda vs. Arizona

    Miranda vs. Arizona
    Ernest Miranda was charged with kidnapping and sexual assault and was interrogated without knowing his rights. He later signed documents that stated that he knew his rights and although he confessed to his crimes without knowing his rights he was later convicted of his charges.
  • Katz vs. the United States

    Katz vs. the United States
    Katz was convicted of transmitting wagering information by telephone across the border. Katz argued that it was unconstitutional for the FBI to listen in on his conversations, but the argument was overruled.