War on Terror by Dialah Azam

  • Bin Laden founded Al- Qaeda

    he month and date is not correct!!! only the year!!!!
  • The Twin Towers are attacked

  • The war in Afghanistan begins.

  • Osama Bin Laden appears to take credit for the attacks in a video

    The Pentagon releases a video it claims shows bin Laden discussing the Sept. 11 attacks with guests at an al-Qaida dinner at a house in Kandahar, Afghanistan. In the tape, he says the attack surpassed his expectations.
  • Al-Jazeera broadcasts an audiotape of Bin Laden praising the terriosts on their work.

  • The U.S. invades Iraq.

  • Saddam Hussein is captured.

  • Bin Laden is killed

  • Obama fianlly starts t pull soldiers out of Iraq