War In The Pacific

  • Roosevelt Recieves letter From Einstein

    no specific day
    Manhattan Project
    Atomic Bomb
  • Japan Attack Number of Other Allied Colonies

  • China Joined Allies

    China Joined Allies
  • First Controlled Chained Reaction In A Lab

    No specific date
  • General Boarded To Safety.

    FDR ordered General MacArthur To Get On a boarded torpedo boat to southern philippines.
  • Japanese Overrun British strongholds in hong kong and singapore

  • Bataan defenders Surrendered

    2000 soldiers and nurses escaped to fortified islands of corregidor
  • American B-25

    Medium bombers took off from aircraft carrier Hornet on their own secret mission.
    Led by lieutenant ColonelJames Doolittle.
  • Battle of the Coral Sea

    Aircraft carriers bombed enemy ships more than 70 miles away
  • Americans and filipinos Surrendered.

    11,000 Americans and Filipinos Surrendered to invade japanese forces.
  • Bataan Death March

    Japanese split 76,000 prisoners into groups of 500 - 1000
    forced march them some 60 mils
    10,000 died in first 6 - 12 day journey.
  • Batle of Midway

    Summer time
    unsuccessful American strike on japanese fleet
  • Battle of Guadcanal

    11,000 Marines landed on the island of Guadalcanal
  • American Navy took control of Guadalcanal

  • Pearl Harbor

    Japanese Forces Attack U.S. Base.
  • Attack In Guam

    Japanese Forces Attack Guam
  • Battle of Guadalcanal Continued

    Japan outnumbered forces finally slipped off the island
  • Allies pushed north From Australia and West Across Central Pacific

    Until 1944
  • Japanese Air Power Crippled

    Nimitz's Forces seize Kwajalein and Eniwetok at the northwest end of the island groups
  • B-29 Superfortresses Were Dropping Tons of Explosives on Japan Cities

    Ending of this year (no Specific Date)
  • American Bombers Began to Pound Iwo Jima From The Air

    No Specific Day
  • Marines went to the Beaches of Iwo Jima

    no specific day
  • Battle of Okinawa

    no specific day100,000 defenders had pledged to fight to the death
    Japanese homeland
  • Roosevelt's Sudden Death

  • Allies Control Philippines

  • Manhattan Project Scientists Field Tested Worlds Fisrt Atomic Bomb

  • Dropped Single Atomic Bomb

    city in southern Japan
  • Second Bombed Dropped

  • J-V Day

    Victory In Japan Day
  • Surrender

    Formal surrender agreement was signed