War in iraq

  • Combat Missions ened

    Combat Missions ened
    The president declares that all major combat missions have end in iraq and that Te U.S allies have pervailed.
  • Bombing of Baghdad

    Bombing of Baghdad
    Two days after telling suddan and his ons to leave the U.S starts to bomb the out skirts of Bghdad and start to invade.
  • Period: to

    War in Iraq

  • search for weapons

    search for weapons
    David kay leads U.S weapon inspection known as the iraq survey group into Iraq to find weapons of mass descturion. it turns out that there was no WMD's in Iraq.
  • Election

    On this iraq has it's first election in fifty years. The winner is jalal talabani.
  • Bomb

    A bomb blows up and kills 127 people left dead. This was one of the most deadlest bombs to date.
  • Abduaction

    This date a 28 year old reporter for the Christan science monitor was abduacted in baghdad during a reporting trip. one of the other reporters was killed during the ambush.
  • Stragety

    President bush decides ti change his stagety and sends in 20,000 more troops
  • The longest war

    The longest war
    Hillary clinton states if she becomes president she will bring home the troops with in 60 day after she gets elected.
  • voting for change

    voting for change
    In the last day of January 14,000 people stand for office in iraq to make a change
  • Blackwater Fallout

    Blackwater Fallout
    U.S judge throw out five former blackwater security guards for shootings in Baghdad.
  • iraq heads to the poles

    iraq heads to the poles
    The iraqis are still voting after march 7. So far Maliki is up and wing by six of iraqs nine province.
  • War omes to a end

    War omes to a end
    This date one of americas lognest wars ends and takes every single troop out of iraq and back to america.