220px vivian bullwinkel

Vivian Bullwinkel

By kdelwat
  • Birth

    Born in South Australia
  • Moved to Melbourne

    Started nursing at the Jessie McPherson Hospital
  • Enlisted in the AANS

    Vivian attempted to join the RAAF but was not allowed due to her having flat feet. She instead joined the Australian Army Nursing Service.
  • Journeyed to Singapore

    Vivian left for Singapore on a ship with the AANS.
  • Escaped Singapore

    Vivian and other nurses from the AANS escaped Singapore, which was facing defeat by Japanese forces.
  • Ship sunk by Japanese troops

    Vivian survived her ship being sunk by Japanese soldiers and washed up on an island with British soldiers. They were captured by the Japanese and the nurses were forced to walk out into the ocean as they were machinegunned. Vivian was shot but pretended to be dead and survived.
  • Captured by the Japanese

    The soldier Vivian was hiding with as well as herself surrendered and was captured.
  • Released from Japanese captivity

    Vivian was released and went back to Australia.
  • Left army

    Vivian left the army and started working as the Director of Nursing at the Fairfield Hospital in Melbourne.
  • Got married

  • Died in Perth