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Dec 2016-Oct 2021 Visitation

By Vivers
  • Period: to

    Mondays and Tuesdays 3-8

    Per the Dec 14, 2016 order, visitations were Mondays and Tuesdays from 3-8 PM. For the most part we held to this schedule. Holidays were scarce, but visitation was granted time to time. Travis refused me overnights, as he considered my accommodations unsubstantial at my parent's house (1101 Cypress Tree Place, Herndon). I was without transportation and had a different phone from the one currently.
    Once Travis moved to FL on August 17, 2017 my court ordered visitations ended against my wishes.
  • Christmas Eve 2016

    I was denied overnight visitation on Christmas Eve in 2016 by Travis via email (Nov 24, 2016). I was given visitation with Caleb Christmas Eve 10 am to 8 pm when I dropped him off.
  • Christmas Day 2016

    I was denied Christmas morning visitation via email. I picked Caleb up at 10 and kept him for Christmas celebration with my parents and returned him at 8 Christmas night.
    I had crinkled up a humongous bag of Styrofoam packing peanuts into fine "snow" and sprinkled it all over the tree and presents. It looked like it had snowed the night before. I also blew up a bunch of Red Robin balloons given to me from work. Caleb played in the big box of leftover styrofoam.
  • Mother's Day

    Per our custody order, I had visitation on Mother's Day from 10-8.
  • Mom's Birthday

    I had Caleb from 3-7 that day as my birthday visitation. I had learned that Rey had arranged surprise Birthday plans for me and had reservations. It was the one time that I initiated shortening my visitation in a discussion with Travis.
  • 4th of July

    Travis offered to extend this Tuesday visit to 10 PM so that Caleb and I could watch fireworks. The drop off was the first discussion we had about the arrears being waived and him moving to Florida. We spoke in person.
  • Period: to

    Caleb's Birthday 2017

    Travis flew Caleb up to IAD on United flight 1778. I picked him up from Dulles airport at 1200. I dropped Caleb back off at 1500 at the airport on Monday. Travis returned to FL with Caleb on United flight 1855.
  • Birthday 2017

    Birthday 2017
    Caleb cuddling with mom after his birthday travels the day before.
  • Period: to

    Christmas 2017

    Travis flew Caleb on United flight number 1778 from FLL to IAD (Dulles Airport). He landed at 1200 where I picked up Caleb. I dropped Caleb back off at 1500. Travis flew Caleb back down to on United flight 1855 to FLL.
  • Christmas Presents 2017

    Christmas Presents 2017
    Caleb had to open Christmas presents early, because his dad had him in FL for Christmas that year. The boy's holidays weren't matched up yet. He opened a green T-rex and a black basketball, amongst other toys.
  • "Mommy is a Princess"

    "Mommy is a Princess"
    Caleb called mommy a princess during a video that day. He was 4.
  • Christmas Crazies

    Christmas Crazies
    Dominic, Titus, Caleb, and mommy all chased each other around the house at Christmas time.
  • Big Bath Time

    Big Bath Time
    Caleb and I stayed in Boca Raton, FL in an AirBnB with a huge bathtub. He was given a long, warm bubble bath with extra suds!
  • Period: to

    February 2018

    Feb 22, 2018 I flew down to FL on SouthWest flight 1845 to visit Caleb. We stayed at an AirBnB. I was unable to rent a car due to the laws stating you had to be 21. On Feb 26, I flew back up to VA on Southwest flight 1526.
  • Sand Sleeps

    Sand Sleeps
    Caleb wanted to be completely buried in the sand. He ended up falling asleep and taking a nice long nap.
  • Beach Bubbles

    Beach Bubbles
    Caleb and I blew bubbles on the beach during our last day together for the visit. He the terror of the town whenever a gust of wind would pick up and sweep his bubbles across the crowded beach. He loved it and blew bubbles for over 2 hours.
  • Walmart Bunch

    Walmart Bunch
    Dominic, Titus, and Caleb all wrapped up in mom's arms at the grocery store.
  • Period: to

    Mother's Day 2018

    No itineraries available.
  • Bathtub Buzz

    Bathtub Buzz
    Dominic (6), Caleb (4), and Titus (4) all playing in the bath tub together.
  • Merry-go-round

    We went to Frying Pan Park on his last day during this visit. We saw all the animals and rode the merry-go-roung
  • Your Laugh's a Little Horse

    Your Laugh's a Little Horse
    Caleb tells a joke and makes the horse laugh at Frying Pan Park.
  • Groggy Giggles

    Groggy Giggles
    Caleb had a long day of travel and was laughing hysterically at how Rey was eating his cereal.
  • Period: to

    Summer 2018

    Travis flew Caleb up from FLL to IAD on SouthWest flight 1638. I picked Caleb up from Dulles airport at 11 am. I dropped him back off on 7/30 at 5:30 PM. Travis flew him back down on SouthWest flight 853.
  • Mall Mania

    Mall Mania
    Caleb and I commonly visited Dulles Town Center shopping mall to visit stores and explore. One of his favorite places was the child run and play.
  • Kindergarten Haul

    Kindergarten Haul
    Caleb and I went school shopping for his kindergarten year. He loved his Paw Patrol backpack and lunch box.
  • Slinky Training

    Slinky Training
    Caleb, Dominic, and Titus all play with slinkies on the stairs at our house in Sterling, VA.
  • Rebounderz

    Caleb, Dominic, Titus, and I went to Rebounderz to go "boing!"
  • Step Smiles

    Step Smiles
    Caleb's step brothers were just as sad to see him go. We let them see Caleb off to the airport. They all felt much better after being allowed a proper goodbye.
  • Big Brown Byes

    Big Brown Byes
    Caleb had the saddest big brown eyes on the morning he had to say goodbye. He told me that he didn't want to leave. It broke my heart all over again and I am sure I had the same look on my face.
  • Pants Picking

    Pants Picking
    Caleb was running around playing near the baggage claim as we waiting for our connecting flight to VA. I caught him picking his pants in the midst of running around.
  • Period: to

    Pre-Bootcamp 2018

    I planned my 2 week visitation with Caleb for the weeks prior to my boot camp ship date.
    I arrived Oct 25th, 2018 on SouthWest flight 168 at 9 PM. Caleb was already asleep, so I picked him up in the morning on the 26th and spent a Beach day with him. I flew up to VA on Oct 26th on SouthWest flight 1500.
    On Nov 10 I met with Kim and Travis Sr at Dulles airport.
  • Mini Marines

    Mini Marines
    After having watched the Marine Family Flick, all the boys were pumped up and talking tough. They all said they wanted to be a Marine someday. It was super sweet and inspiring.
  • Caleb's Cake

    Caleb's Cake
    Caleb blew out his candles after dinner that night. He was officially 5 and wished me luck at boot camp.
  • Birthday Blanket

    Birthday Blanket
    Caleb, Dominic, and Titus all curled up under a blanket and watched a Marine Corps Family Flick. It explained what Marines were so that families could better understand what recruits were about to go through in training. They were enamored. I explained to the boys that I learned what a Marine was at 5 years old and knew that I wanted to be one. I explained that I was leaving in a few weeks to boot camp. He was turning 5 that day.
  • Cartoon Cuts

    Cartoon Cuts
    Caleb has never been one for getting his hair cut. Getting it done with his brothers gave him the courage to endure. It even made it enjoyable for him.
  • Handsome Heads

    Handsome Heads
    Titus (left), Dominic (middle), and Caleb (right) with their dashing new haircuts, sucking on lollipops for being good for the barbers. We went to explore Dulles Town Center afterward.
  • Trick or Treating

    Trick or Treating
    Dominic: Masterchief from Halo
    Titus: a little Vampire
    Caleb: Cat Boy from PJ Masks
    Rey: Pirate
    Me: Cowgirl
  • Great Wolf Ears

    Great Wolf Ears
    Caleb with his new wolf ears looking into the water park of Great Wolf Lodge. He could not believe his eyes! Or ears!
  • Great Wolf Lodge

    Great Wolf Lodge
    The boys in their bunk beds, peeking through a little window as they settle in their new digs. They all slept like babies after long days in the water park of Great Wolf Lodge.
  • Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Leaves
    Caleb and I went to Frying Pan Park to look at the leaves. It was the peak of the season. The trees were absolutely mesmerizing as we walked through the woods of the farm.
  • Period: to


    Rey and I flew down to Florida to visit Caleb after my boot camp. Rey went back to Virginia a day before me to finish setting up the surprise wedding, so that it would be ready for Valentine's day.
  • I'm a Marine

    I'm a Marine
    I dressed into my dress-blues and then surprised Caleb. He exclaimed, "wooah! Are you a police officer?!?" I told him that I was a Marine. He smiled so big and then ran out the door. I was confused by his reaction until he came back wearing the Marine Corps cover I gave him. He told me that he was a Marine, too.
    He sat and opened the leftover boot camp letters I had written him. He loved the stickers and sat to listen to me read the letters.
  • Marine Splash!

    Marine Splash!
    Caleb ran up to the water and leaped into the air. With a tiny fist and huge spirit, he punched the water and yelled in a hulk-like voice, "Marine SPLASH!" I laughed at the Marvel spoof. Once he was done in the waves he proceeded to build a huge sand mountain.
  • Fire Truck

    Fire Truck
    Quantico, VA fire station. All the boys came to DEERS with me to get their dependent cards. We went to the fire station across the street, because they were so well behaved. They were given little red firefighter hats and coloring books.
  • Sleepy Snuggles

    Sleepy Snuggles
    After a long, fun day at Quantico, the boys fell asleep in the car on the way home. It was a very peaceful and sweet drive.
  • Bubble Peeping

    Bubble Peeping
    We were just setting up a new freshwater tank and cycling the water. The boys were enamored with the way the water moved and how many bubbles there were.
  • Period: to

    Mom's Birthday Visit 2019

    Caleb flew SouthWest flights 1031 & 1215 to VA on 5/16. I picked him up from the airport at 1100. I dropped him back off at 0600. Caleb flew SouthWest flights 3735 & 3807 back to FL.
  • Silly String

    Silly String
    Rey, the boys, and I had a silly string fight for my birthday. Rey chased them around and they all screeched with laughter.
  • Birthday Goofs

    Birthday Goofs
    Caleb always loved taking selfies with me and making funny faces into the camera. He wanted to give me a funny picture with him as a birthday gift.
  • Period: to

    Fall 2019

    Aug 30, 2019 - Sept 2, 2019 in Sterling, VA and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

    Aug 30 - Rey, (540-718-1735) drove from home (22941 Fontwell Sq.) to pick me up in Courthouse Bay, NC. 1230 on Aug 30 we depart for our home of record via I-95.
    We picked up Caleb from Dulles airport (1 Saarinen Cir.) @ 2000. He flew with Travis (703-298-9896).
    Sept 2 @ 0800 Caleb and I flew out of Dulles via Jetblue on flight 433 to West Palm Beach airport. We stayed at an AirBnB (1516 Southwest 32nd St.).
  • Wolf Dog

    Wolf Dog
    We met a wolf-dog at the car show who was over 70% wolf. Caleb was very excited to be hugging a wolf-dog ambassador.
  • Tiger Car

    Tiger Car
    Caleb got to go to a car show to learn about engines. I taught him what I was learning in electrical engineer school. His favorite lesson was that exhaust was really engine farts. His favorite car was the tiger car. The owners even gave him a little tiger tail.
  • Ronald the Bear

    Ronald the Bear
    Ronald Reagan International Airport: On the way to drop off Caleb in Florida, we found a dear statue at the airport. Caleb wanted to climb on it, but he settled for posing in front of it.
  • Bobble Heads

    Bobble Heads
    The boys found a Christmas puppy toy that sang and did a funny dance. They all started mimicking the dance and waving their heads around like they lost their mind. It was endless entertainment.
  • Period: to

    Christmas New Year's 2020

    Dec 21, 2019 - Jan 3, 2020 in Sterling, VA.
    Dec 21, I drove home (22941 Fontwell Sq.) in a rented vehicle. Caleb flew with father to VA for Christmas visitation.
    I flew Caleb back to FL via United Airlines flight UA2250 to West Palm beach on Jan 03, 2020. I returned to base on Jan 3, 2020 via American Airlines flight 1635 to Newbern.
  • Boxing Match

    Boxing Match
    The boys decided to have a "boxing match" on Christmas Eve. So they all put boxes on their heads and battled each other.
  • My Hero

    My Hero
    Caleb got a Spider Man mask on Christmas day. He was the cutest hero I have ever seen.
  • Chopsticks

    Caleb learned to use chopsticks for the first time. After a few tries, he was very good at it!
  • Sweetwater

    All three boys are sitting on a bench at Sweetwater. Each are playing with Etch a Sketch and trying to figure out how to make shapes. We celebrated Caleb's last night before his return to FL.
  • Patches the Cow

    Patches the Cow
    Caleb and I always love visiting Frying Pan Park. He enjoys the nature trails and the sweet animals at the farm. On this particular visit, we learned that this calf's name was Patches.
  • Sleeping on Clouds

    Sleeping on Clouds
    Caleb fell asleep on his school backpack on the flight back to FL.
  • Period: to

    Easter 2020

    COVID CANCELLATION: Travis cancelled due to COVID generally affecting flight schedules during that time.
  • New Bed

    New Bed
    Caleb never had his own, permanent bed during his visits. He had asked for a bed of his own for Christmas the past year. I grabbed a bunk bed for us so that he could sleep above me in my apartment. He liked the arrangement very much and began asking to live with me more vehemently than before. It was sweet, but I didn't see the roommate situation as ideal. I wanted to wait until I got a family home without non-related residents before asking Travis to share physical custody.
  • Period: to

    Summer 2020

    July 3, 2020 - July 20, 2020: During this leave period I stayed at my apartment in Morehead City, NC. I spent quality time with my son and family. I stayed in the local area the entire leave block. My son was transported by my husband and Travis.
  • Tying his Shoes

    Tying his Shoes
    I bought Caleb shoes with laces and he was worried because he didn't know how to tie them. We sat down and I taught him to tie his shoes. He was very proud of himself! Rey caught the exact moment when Caleb tied his laces successfully for the first time in this photo.
  • Tying like a Pro!

    Tying like a Pro!
    Caleb caught on to tying his shoes really quickly and prided himself in tying them so well. He liked being so grown up!
  • Italian Style

    Italian Style
    Caleb watched me spin my long spaghetti noodles into a ball and eat them. He wanted to learn how to do it like mom, but kept making very big spaghetti mounds!
  • Period: to

    Thanksgiving 2020

    Nov 22, 2020 - Nov 27, 2020 in Sterling, VA. Caleb flew in from FL with Travis on Friday, Nov 20. Caleb flew back to FL with Travis on Nov 29.
  • Meal Worm Beetles

    Meal Worm Beetles
    Caleb and his brothers sit and learn about the life cycle of meal worms. They ask questions and even touch the beetles.
  • Celebration Cuddles

    Celebration Cuddles
    Caleb and I were celebrating the hard work of buying a house. We had a fantastic little lazy day of just watching TV together and cuddling in a warm blanket.
  • Smooshed Together

    Smooshed Together
    All 4 kids and Rey are huddled together and watching YouTube videos of things getting smooshed. They find it ridiculously funny.
  • Peanut the Snake

    Peanut the Snake
    Caleb is holding Peanut the corn snake for the first time. He says it is his first time holding a snake.
  • The Boulder

    The Boulder
    Caleb, Dominic, and Titus all playing on the biggest boulder they have found at Frying Pan Park.
  • The Stumps

    The Stumps
    Caleb, Dominic, and Titus all getting last minute climbing sessions before we have to leave.
  • Waterfall

    Caleb, Dominic, and Titus all get as close as they can to the waterfall as they climb the rocks at Frying Pan Park.
  • Period: to

    Spring Break 2021

    Brittany and Travis drove Caleb up to Virginia on March 12, 2021. Brittany requested to keep Caleb for Friday night to do s'mores with her folkes (3109 Hannahs Pond Lane), so I picked him up in the morning. They picked Caleb up and drove back down on March 21, 2021.
  • Whipped Cream

    Whipped Cream
    Caleb was told to close his eyes and he was given a huge mouthful of whipped cream.
  • Balloon Mornings

    Balloon Mornings
    Caleb, Dominic, and Titus all playing with balloons first thing in the morning and acting like goof balls.
  • Easter Chicks

    Easter Chicks
    Caleb held an Easter chick in the hood of his sweater and laughed. He thought they were very cute!
  • Period: to

    Easter 2021

    Kim and Travis Sr. drove Caleb up to VA on April 2, 2021 and back down on April 5, 2021. Caleb was able to spend Easter with his brothers for the first time. We did a scavenger/egg hunt and had 16 new baby chicks.
  • Maskulines

    Caleb, Dominic, and Titus all laid down in the living room on towels. They were given a manly spa day with clay masks we called "maskulines." They were then given a warm, wet towel to lay over their eyes to help them relax. The conversations in the video were adorable. They had no idea I was videoing as they talked about how they are in a land of zombies when they were supposed to be relaxing.
  • Easter Dinner

    Easter Dinner
    All of the boys sit and sip their drinks as they wait for their Easter dinner.
  • Bunny Ears

    Bunny Ears
    The Woodland Fairies and Elves riddles in tiny scrolls in Easter eggs on an elaborate scavenger hunt. It led to a tiny fairy cabin surrounded by beautiful, magic candies. Including the magical golden bunny.
    Caleb started eating his well earned chocolate bunny ears after finishing his lines assigned to him by his Karate instructor. He finished it up as he waited for his grandparents to pick him up.
  • Period: to

    Summer Visitation 2021

    Rey and I flew to FL and picked Caleb up on June 16, 2021 for summer vacation. We flew back up on June 18. He went to daycare at Montclair KinderCare during the work weeks. Every Tuesday he had a horse riding lesson. On Aug 7, Travis picked him up from our house and drove back down to FL.
  • First Time on a Horse

    First Time on a Horse
    Caleb rode Molly for his very first time on a horse. He was scared to try horseback riding, but as soon as he tried it he fell in love.
  • FAP

    Caleb relaxes in the message chair while we wait to talk to FAP about Travis' and Brittany's discipline tactics. He kept making relaxed sighs outloud, but they were heavily disrupted by the wobbling motion of the chair. It made me laugh, even though I was upset.
  • New Cowboy Boots

    New Cowboy Boots
    He didn't want cowboy boots at first, because they were so stiff and uncomfortable when we sized him in the store. I went online and bought some nicer ones for him. He did not want to try them on at first, but when he did, he beamed. They weren't just comfortable, they were made for him. He was so happy about his boots! He felt very handsome and very much like a cowboy.
  • Summer Shakes

    Summer Shakes
    It became a common occurrence for me to sneak away during chow and enjoy milkshakes with Caleb. We played I spy together and laughed while we slowly sipped the shakes. He had a little separation anxiety whenever he would finish his shake too fast, because he thought I would leave. I made sure he always knew he had plenty of time.
  • First Trail Ride

    First Trail Ride
    Caleb left the arena on horseback for the first time and took a nice long stroll on the lush trails of Silver Eagle Stables.
  • Library

    We signed Caleb up for the Tails and Tales summer reading program at the library. He finished the program, but never got the chance to submit his reading log for credit before he left.
  • Tasty Tooth

    Tasty Tooth
    While eating a chicken leg, Caleb somehow managed to swallow a loose tooth of his. I told him that he could write to the tooth fairy and explain what happened. I suggested that he tell her that he ate it with chicken and that it was very tasty... the tooth that is.
  • Summer Program

    Summer Program
    KinderCare took regular pictures of the summer program. This one was my favorite.
  • Blanky Barricade

    Blanky Barricade
    Caleb had gotten into trouble and was throwing a tantrum. He tried to stack blankets against the door to create a barricade. I couldn't help but giggle as it was probably the cutest tantrum he's had in a while.
  • NCO Ceremony

    NCO Ceremony
    Dominic and Titus pinned my ranks on my collar. Caleb draped my blood stripe around my neck, officially making me an NCO of the Marine Corps. He was nervous and accidentally draped it on my hair bun. He was my entire inspiration and motivation for joining the Marine Corps and attending college. It meant a great deal to me to have him promote me.
  • Home

    When I told Caleb that he had to go back to FL he sobbed. I held him as we both cried over the news. He walked out to the white board calendar outside his room. We had illustrated the month of August, to include the start of school in PWC. He asked if he could write "home" in the start of school box. I told him he could and watched as he so lovingly wrote each letter. I put tape over it so that it would never be erased. I told him it would all be waiting for him when he got back.
  • Race Letter

    Race Letter
    Caleb was still very upset over having to leave to FL after talking to his dad. I asked him if he would like to put together a package to race home. He said yes and we put stickers and pokemon cards in the envelope. We also included postcards with postage so that he could write to me.
  • Easing the Goodbye

    Easing the Goodbye
    Caleb hugged me deeply before he placed his Race Me 2 FL letter in the mailbox. I told him to run run run to the car and beat it to his dad's house. It made the goodbye a little easier for him, but there was still a lot of emotion.
  • Period: to

    Caleb's 8th Birthday 2021

    Caleb had been wanting me to come down for his birthday. I drove down to Delray Beach on Oct 22, 2021 and picked him up from Cardona's Academy of Martial Arts (1225 NW 17th Ave, Unit 101). Rey flew down on Oct 25 to join us. We stayed in an AirBnB and then a hotel the second half of the visit (see expense report). Travis requested a birthday lunch with Caleb Oct 30 at Kimura Steakhouse (545 N Congress Ave). I dropped Caleb off at school on Nov 1, then Rey and I drove back up to VA.
  • Vampire Boy

    Vampire Boy
    His tooth came out in such a way that Caleb had vampire teeth come halloween time. It was just too tempting to make a scary picture of him.
  • Sleepy Shark Attack

    Sleepy Shark Attack
    Shark attack and Caleb screamed after I hummed jaws while hunting him out from under the blankets.
  • Superhero Ice Cream

    Superhero Ice Cream
    Caleb and I went to Deerfield Beach where he spent the entire time in the water. I made a mental note to teach him about coins, because he kept running back for extra change for the parking meter. It was always funny, because he said "I'm not a pro at coins, Mom!" Later we went to Sprinkle & Scoops Ice Cream Shop (241 NE 21st Ave Unit A, Deerfield Beach, FL, 33441). Caleb chose a superhero themed ice cream and got his face all blue. He had no idea how messy he was until I leaned in for a selfie.
  • Transformer Phone

    Transformer Phone
    Caleb got a flip phone as his big birthday gift. It has no internet, but it does text and call. I downloaded the numbers I knew from his side of the family as well as my side. This way he could call us any time he wanted. I also made sure to ask his teachers and instructors what the rules were regarding phones. I passed the rules along to Caleb. I included a holster on a lanyard so that he could carry it easily. The holster has my phone number ironed into the flap. The phone looks like a car.
  • Sky Zone

    Sky Zone
    Caleb and I went to Sky Zone. We had the place to ourselves. Caleb had wanted to do lazer tag with his brothers and have his party up in VA. We did the next best thing and jumped around on trampolines and bopped balloons around. Then we dove into the foam pit several times and played arcade games. We were there for over 2 hours!
  • Birthday Boy Balloons

    Birthday Boy Balloons
    We stopped at Chick-fil-a on the way to school for a chocolate milkshake with extra cherries. He was so surprised and didn't know what to do with himself as I opened the trunk and showered him with the surprise birthday goodies. Caleb had 8 big balloons and a birthday hat and confetti necklaces. I had spoken to the school about bringing in goodies to share. They weren't allowing food, so I made goodie bags instead. He was so eager to get inside that I almost didn't get a picture!
  • P.F. Chang's

    P.F. Chang's
    We went to PF Changs for dinner and ordered all the most exciting foods. Caleb loved watching the drinks with the fog and the cake on fire (even though he couldn't eat them).
  • Trick or Splash

    Trick or Splash
    Caleb loved splashing in the pool! He got so excited to go trick or treating that we had to plop him in there to let off some energy.
  • Mini Marine

    Mini Marine
    I asked Caleb what he wanted to be for Halloween and I told him that I was going to take him Trick or Treating. He excitedly asked if he could dress up as me and if we could both go as Marines. My heart melted and I said absolutely. I set right to work and prepared his uniform. We even had a little ceremony to make him a Sergeant (his favorite rank). He was very proud as he was recognized as a Marine by other Trick or Treaters.