Vincent van Gogh

By grade5s
  • Born

    Vincent van Gogh was born in Netherlands at March 30th, 1853. He lived in a little town in Hollenad named Groot-Zundert. And there was six kids in his family and he was the oldest.
  • Quiting School

    School was no fun for Vincent. He got bad grades and he had hard time making friends. He quit school when he was only sixteen years old.
  • Vincent gets lucky

    Luckily, Vincent's uncle gave him a job at an art gallery in Holland. At home they weren't any art books around. But at his new job he saw art all day along. So he really liked his new job.
  • Vincent messes up

    Vincent was in trouble again. He fell in love with a woman who didn't love him back.He felt sad all time and smetimes he didn't go to work. So he lost his job. And he tried to find other jobs but it didn't work. And he felt like a failer when he didn't had any jobs.
  • Vincent starts painting

    Next, Vincent decided to be a painter. He wasn't a great artist and he had to catching up to do. HE practiced by copying other artist at first. And two of his favorate artist was Rembrandt van Rijn and Jean Francois Millet. They painted with dark colors so Vincent did too. And vincent painted about something he really cared.
  • Time to Move

    Vincent went to live at Paris.
  • Making friends

    Vincent made friends with artisit named Paul Signac and Georges Seurat. They painted style called pointillism. Up close, their painting looked like a lots of dots. But from far away they looked like regular painting. But his friends wanted him to paint with dots but Vincent wanted to paint differently so he started to paint with dashes and
  • Lots of paintings

    While at the Paris, Vincent saw some Japenesse paintings. They really wowed him. They were ainted with bright colors. They left the shadows out of their paintings. And they drew outlines around some things. And Vincent tryied these ideads to paint. And Vincent also started to paint with bright colors rather than dark colors that he used to paint with.
  • Best buddies

    The best thing in paris was his favorate brother Theo lived there.And Vincent and Theo became roommates. But they had lots of arguments. Vincent was messy and he made people go crazy because he was too excited about his paintings. And Theo's friends didn't like Vincent and they wouldn't come to Theo's house anymore.And Theo wanted Vincent to move out but after two years he finally did. But they were still best buddies even they fought a lot.
  • Sunflowers

    Vincent left paris and headed to south arles, france. He moved to a house that he shared with another painter called Paul Gauguin. The house was colored yellow and Vincent's favorate color. Vincent painted all time with Arles. And he got better and better. And he liked to paint of people. And he also liked to paint flowers. Vincent would paint still-life pictures of sunflowers until they got droopy. And all the paintings of flowers look happy. So he was in a good mood when he painted flowers.
  • Work, Work Work

    Vincent loved to work. Sometimes he painted 18 pictures in 26 days. He painted fast because he wanted to get his feelings before he forgot them. Vincent had to buy more and more and more paints to paint. Sometimes Vincent had to choose between food or paint. Beccause he didn't had enough money to buy both. He chose paint and he must've really loved painting. And even Theo bought him lots of paints because he belived in Vincent 100 percent and he wanted Vincent to paint as much as he wants.
  • Weirdo?

    Vincent didn't like to paint in his immagination. So usually he went outside to paint what he saw. He panited all day in the sun. When it got dark, he stuck candles in his hat and just kept working. The people in arles thought he was weird because he usually did things like that. As usual, Vincent didn't have many friends. He couldn't sell any paintings and he was only sad and lonely.
  • Vincent went crazy

    One day, Vincent went a little crazy and cut off part of his ear. and he gave it to that woman as a present. The police came and took him to the hospital. He almost died. When he got better he started to paint again. But he was never really same after that.
  • Vincent the Great

    Vincent had an unhappy life. When he was 37 years old he shot himself and died. And after he died people felt sorry for him and started to love his paintings. Thoe's wife saved Vincent's letters and paintings. When her son grew up, he put them into a museum. Vincent became famous.
  • Suprise things about Vincent Van Gogh