US Constitution

By DWoodz
  • Declaration of Rights and Grievances is Passed

    Declaration of Rights and Grievances is Passed
    This was a document by the stamp act congress saying that taxes the British Colonist were puting of the US was unconstitutional. This was directly directed at the Stamp Act which required that documents, newspapers, and playing cards are to be printed on special stamped and taxed paper.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    This event was a rebellion my the colony of Massachusetts. They dumped the tea into the ocean because the tea was being taxed. They did this to show the British that they didnt like the tea being taxed. This event was the key spark in the American Revolution.
  • First Continental Congress Meets

    First Continental Congress Meets
    This event was a convention of delegates from the colonies who met in Philadelphia. This was a brief meeting discussing possible economic boycott of British trade. They also discussed right and grievances.
  • Revolutionary War Begins

    Revolutionary War Begins
    The Revolutionary war began from the US stating that Great Britain was unconstitutional. They were unconstitutional because taxation without representation was illegal. So British in return came across and fought America but ended up losing
  • 2nd Continental Congress Meets

    It was a meeting of delegates from the 13 colonies. They meet to dicuss how to run the US. They didnt have a government yet and they're meeting to make one.
  • Declaration of Independence Signed

    Declaration of Independence Signed
    The Delcaration of Independence was a document stating the indpendence for Great Britain. It was signed by fifty-six delegates. The most known delegates are: Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Frankliin, and John Adams. The original was signed by John Hancock who was the president of the congress. This event is the reason why we celbrate the fouth of july, which celebrates the US freedom from Great Britain.
  • Articles of Confederation Signed

    Articles of Confederation Signed
    The Articles of Confedertaton was a document that stated the agreement of the 13 founding states. It legally established the US as a confederation. This document served as the first constiution.
  • Revolutionary War Ends

    Revolutionary War Ends
    The Revolutionary war ended on September 3, 1784. The war ended in Yorktown, VA due to the surrender of General Cornwallis caused by George Washinglton. But the war wasnt official over until a document was signed. That document was The Treaty of Paris
  • Period: to

    Constitutional Congress Opens

    This was a meeting to address problems in the government of the US. The government at this time was under the Articles of Confedertation.The purpose of this meeting was to make a new government rather then fix it.
  • Final Draft Of The Constitution Is Signed

    Final Draft Of The Constitution Is Signed
    The final draft of the constituion is signed.The Constituion replaced the Articles of Confederation. The Constituition was adopted in 1777 but not ratified until 1781. on February 21, 1787, The Continental Congress called for a national convention to meet and revise the Articles of Confederation. But instead they ended up creating a whole new form of government.