• Ahmad Shah Massoud assasiated

    Ahmad Shah Massoud assasiated
    Ahmad Shah Massoud, commander of the Northern Alliance, an anti-Taliban coalition, is assassinated by al-Qaeda operatives.Expert Peter Bergen later calls Massoud's assassination " the curtain raiser for the attacks on New York City and Washington, DC."
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  • Terrorist Attack Twin Towers

    Terrorist Attack Twin Towers
    Al-Qaeda terrorist hijack four commercial airplanes and crash them into the World trade center.
  • Bush declares war

    Bush declares war
    President George Bush declares war on those responsible for 9/11 attacks
  • bombs away

    bombs away
    U.S Military begins bombing against Taliban forces beginging of Operations Enduring Freedom
  • Taliban Surrerenders

    Taliban Surrerenders
    Taliban leader Mullah Omar flees the city but despite them surrerendering al-Qaeda leaders continue to hide out in the mountains.
  • major combat ends

    major combat ends
    End of fighting in Iraq Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declares an end to major combat.
  • Afghanistan new president

    Afghanistan new president
    In national voting Karzai becomes the first democratically elected head of Afghanistan.
  • innocent killed

    innocent killed
    Afghan and UN investigations find that errant fire from a U.S. gunship killed dozens of Afghan civilians
  • Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan

    Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan
    President Barack Obama announces plans to send seventeen thousand more troops to the war zone.
  • Troops Withdrawn

    Troops Withdrawn
    President Obama outlines a plan to withdraw thirty-three thousand troops by the summer of 2012