United States History: 1920-1950

Timeline created by ruffolor
In History
  • League of Nations Established

  • Women Given Right to Vote

  • American Professional Football League Formed

  • Indian Citizen Act

  • Radio Vision is Born

  • The Great Mississippi Flood

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse First Appearance

  • Amelia Earhart is the First Woman to Fly over Atlantic

  • Stock Market Crash

  • Empire State Building Construction Begins

  • Pluto is Discovered

  • National Anthem Approved

  • FDR is Elected

  • 21st Amendment Passed

  • Babe Ruth Retires

  • Social Security Act Passed

  • WWII Starts

  • Pearl Harbor

  • Battle of Midway

  • D-Day

  • Reelection of FDR

  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  • The United Nations Created

  • Marshall Plan

  • Korean War Begins

  • Period: to

    New Deal Programs are Passed

  • Period: to

    Heat Wave, Great Depression, and FDR Reelection

  • Period: to

    Flint, Michigan, and a Massacre

  • Period: to