Unit 11 Project

  • Period: to

    European Theater

    Huge area of war in Europe during ww2.
  • Phillip Randolph

    Phillip Randolph planned to gather almost 100,000 african americans to march on washington for jobs in natonal defense and equal integration in army.
  • Lend Lease Act

    FDR signed the bill which permitted him to trade, sell, or intake with any government who seemed vital to the defense of US.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japan attacked and dropped bombs on US Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. This caused US to declare war on Japan and enter the war.
  • War Mobilzation

    US used war mobilization to better there army as they entered the war and hopefully led to win the war.
  • Period: to

    Manhattan Project

    US gathered scientists and tons of people to help build the atomic bomb. This was practiced in Oak ridge, Tennessee
  • Internment of Japanese Americans

    After Pearl Harbor, US had a lowkey scare of Japanese ctizens so FDR passed the Executive Order 9066 which declared to move all Japanese people to internment camps.
  • Pacific Theater

    Major period of war between Allies and Japan. Included most of the Pacific ocean.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Midway

    Was a huge battle for the US because it was shortly after Pearl Harbor and US was able to overcome Japanese navy.
  • D-Day

    US planned an attack on Normandy which was German Nazi occupied and won, this allowed them to turn over the war and win soon afterwards.
  • Period: to

    Fall of Berlin

    Soviet Union planned attack on Berlin,Germany which they overtook Nazi control and led to the suicide of Adolf Hitler ad other German soldiers.