• Birth Date

    Dr. Theodore Kaczynski was born in Chicago, IIinois, he was a child prodegy.
  • Harvard

    Was excepted at Harvard at the age of 16. He went for mathmatics.
  • Graduation

    Ted graduated from Harvard in 1962 and then went on to UM and got his PHD. Then went to UCB and was a assassintant professor. He was one of the smartest people in the country.
  • Moving to the woods

    Moving to the woods
    In 1971 he moved to Lincoln, Montana were he lived as a recluse and learned to survive in the wilderness. He lived in a cabin with no power and no water.
  • First Bombing

    First Bombing
    First mail bomb, was sent to professor Buckley Crist at Northwestern University in Evanston, IIinois, the professor thought it looked suspicious, he had a security gaurd, named Terry Marker, open the package, the gaurd got minor cuts and burns when the bomb exploded. He did it because he didn't like the develipers because they were devoloping the land around where he lived and they had destroied his favorite places to go.
  • Second Bombing

    The second bomb was sent to Northwestern University, in IIinois, a graduate named John Harris recived the package and got minor cuts and burns on his body.
  • Third Bombing

    Third Bombing
    Was the attempted bombing of American Airlines Flight 444 from Chicago to Washington,D.C. Where he put a bomb in the cargo hold of the plane. It failed to go off, because of a faulty timing mechanism. Which made the plane fill with smoke and 12 passengers were treated for smoke inhalation. If the bomb had gone off it would have oppliterated the plane.
  • Fourth bomb

    Was sent to Lake Forest, Illinois, to the president of United Airlines Percy Wood. He got cuts and burns all over his body.
  • Fith Bombing

    This bomb was sent to the University of Utah, the bomb was successfully defused, no one got hurt.
  • Sixth Bombing

    Sixth Bombing
    This bomb was sent to Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, Tennessee, to Janet Smith at the University was a secretary, severe burns to the hand and shrapnel wounds to the body.
  • Seventh Bomb

    Was sent to UCB to a Engineering profeesor named Diogenes Angelakos. He got severe burns and shrapnel wounds to right hand and face.
  • Eighth Bomb

    The bomb was sent to UCB to John Hauser a graduate student. He lost four fingers on the right hand and a severed artery in right arm and partial loss of vision in left eye.
  • Nineth Bombing

    This bomb was sent to Aubern, Washington, no one was injuired, the bomb was seccessfully defused.
  • Tenth Bombing

    This bomb was sent to the University of Michigan, a psychology professor, named James V. McConnell, and research asstiant Nicklaus Sunio was both injuired. McConnell:temporary hearing loss, Suino:burns and shrapnel wounds.
  • Elevnth Bomb

    The bomb was sent to Scaramento, California to a computer store owner named Hugh Scrutton. This was the first death out of the three in total that the unabomber killed.
  • Twelth Bomb

    The bomb was sent to Salt Lake City, Uath to a computer store owner named Gary Wright. He got severe nerve damage to his left arm.
  • Thirteenth Bomb

    The unabomber had not sent a bomb in over 6 years. This bomb was sent to Triburon, California to a University of California geneticist named Charles Epstein. He got severe damage to both eardrums resulting in total hearing loss and lost part of three fingers.
  • Fourteenth Bomb

    This bomb was sent to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut to a computer science professor named David Gelernter. He got severe burns and shrapnel wounds; also he got permant damage to his fight hand and eye.
  • Fifteenth Bomb

    Fifteenth Bomb
    This bomb was sent to North Caldwell, New Jersey to a advertising executive named Thomas J. Mosser. He was the second death out of the three.
  • Sixteenth Bomb

    This was the final bomb Dr. Kaczynski sent it was sent to Sacramento, California. To a Timber Industry lobbyist named Gilbert P. Murray. This was the third and final death.
  • Letters

    The unabomber sent letters to the Washington post and New York Times telling them to publish his manifesto or he would continue to sent out bombs. They said no so the FBI pressured them to do it they finally published his writtens in both the New York Times and Washington Post. This was his down fall. His brother reconized it was him and contacted some former and active FBI agents.
  • Arrest

    The FBI arrested Dr. Theodore Kaczynski at his remote cabin in Lincoln, Montana. Where the agents found him in a unkempt state. When they searched the Cabin they found bomb making components, a live bomb, 40,000 handwritten journal pages that had exerts about bomb experiments and descriptions of the unabomber crimes, and lastly they found the original typed manuscript of the manifesto.
  • Trial One

    A federal grand jury found Dr. Kacynski guilty on 10 counts of illegal transport, mailing, and using bombs. Also he was charged with the three killings of Scrutton, Mosser, and Murray.
  • Prision

    Dr. Kaczynski tried to hang himself. So the governments prosecution tried to seek the death penalty on him. But instead he pleaded guilty and got life in prision without parole. Dr. Kaczynski resides at the supermax facility in Florence, Colorado. he said he wasn't afraid of going to jail he was afraid of forgetting what the wilderness looked like.
  • Appeal to Sale of his Writings

    He went in front of the court of appeals in San Francisco. To argue that the sale of his writings and belongings was against his constitutional rights they denied his arguemnet. this is not the first time he has tried this. A judge said he had to pay $15 million in restitution to his victims.