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Ulysses S. Grant

  • Birth of a leader

    Birth of a leader
    This was when Ulsses S. Grant was born. in a small town called Point Pleasent, Ohio
  • Period: to


    This is when the Grant family moved to Gerogetown in Brown County, Ohio. This happened sometime in the fall, but the exact date was not known
  • Period: to

    Attends Private School

    This is when his parents put him in a private school. Besides this he also worked in his own farm. They say that he loved animals but hated the yan.
  • Joined the USMA at West Point

    Joined the USMA at West Point
    This is when Grant joined the US military at westpoint one of the best academies in the world even today. Here he registered his name as Ulysses S Grant. He then served four years as a rookie cadet.
  • Period: to


    He spends his furlogh with his family.
  • Graduation

    He gets his diploma and graduates 21st in his class out of 39 people. Where he assigned to Fourth Infantry in St.Louis Jefferson Barracks.
  • Period: to

    Mexican War

    He fought in the Mexican War as a Quartermaster
  • Marriage

    This is when he got married to Julia Boggs Dent Grant on August 22,1848.
  • New Orders

    New Orders
    It seems like that Grant gets assinged to Detroit Michigan as a dreary outpost if Madison Barraks.
  • Blessed

    This is when grant is blessed with a child named Fredrick Grant
  • Blessed for the second time

    Blessed for the second time
    When Grants second child Ulysses S, Grant Jr. who is called buck.
  • New World

    New World
    This is when grant gets promoted to be a army captain.
  • Blessed for the 3rd time

    Blessed for the 3rd time
    They get blessed with another chiled whom they name Nellie.
  • New Place

    New Place
    This is when Grant and his family moved to their own house in Galens, Illinois moving away from White Haven where Julia's Parents lived.
  • Time for War

    Time for War
    Grant attends the first few battle of the Civil War the Battles of Belmont, Henry, and Donelson.
  • War 2

    War 2
    This when Grant faought the battle of Shiloh
  • War 3

    War 3
    This is when Grant fought the battle of Vicksburg and Chatanooga.
  • Period: to

    The New Country Leader

    Grant won against a Democrat named Horatio Seymour. He lost the people did not like hime as much grant.
  • RIP one of the greatest heroes

    RIP one of the greatest heroes
    This is when sadly slept forever. Ibeilieve this is really sad. If it was not for him we would still have slaves and other conflicts. Thanks Grant