Ulysses S. Grant

By csm4291
  • Ulysses was Born

    Ulysses was Born
    Ulysses was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio, to hannah and Jesse grant
  • Period: to

    Grant at West Point

    Grant is inrolled as Ulysses S. Grant, which will fallow him untill his death. Then grant graduates on July first, yet his diploma reads june 23rd.
  • First assignment

    First assignment
    Grant is dispached to St. Louis to be part of the Fourth Infantry
  • Future Wife

    Future Wife
    Grant meets his future wife, Julia, when he is assigned to the Fourth Infantry in St. Louis
  • Period: to

    Mexican American war

  • Period: to


    This is where he learns to play cards, during this time he accompanying Julia, his wife, to dances and raceing his horse
  • Period: to


    He was sent to Humbold Bay, California. Being away from his wife for these two years gave Grant alot of problems with his mind.
  • Return to missouri

    Return to missouri
    Grant returns to Missouri after resigning his commission
  • Period: to

    Real Estate

    It doesn't workout because he is incapable of collecting rent and is often late to work. He was never cut out to be a business man.
  • Move to Galena

    Move to Galena
    He moved to Galena, Illinois and accecpted a clerkship to his fathers leather shop
  • Period: to

    Brigadier General

    Was made Brigadier General of volunteers Then moved to Brigadier General
  • Back to the Millitary

    Back to the Millitary
    Appointed to Colonel of the 21st Illinois Infantry
  • Battle of Belmont

    Battle of Belmont
    This was Grants first engagement as a general
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    In the start of the war grant fought at Belmont, took Fort Donelson, which was the first Stratigic victory for the union, and fought at the battle of Shiloh. In the third year he takes Vicksburg and in those five days he fights and defeats the enemy at Jackson, Champion Hill, and Big Black River, then he tires two frontal assaults on Vicksburg both were repelled so the lay seige untill the surrender, during thee summer after falling from a horse he spends the summer with his family.
  • Period: to

    Civil War End

    Grant returns to his command. In November he prticipates in the Battle of Chatanooga then at lookout Mountian and Missionary Ridge, this forces to confederats to retreat to Tennessee. in may of 1864 Grant Precitapets in the Battle of Wilderness where he faces Lee for the first time the result is a draw with the union looseing twice as many men.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Cold Harbor

    This was Grant's greatest blunder, which he freely admitted, he lost 7,000 men to Lee's losses of only 1,500 thats only in the first hour! The end result was Grant with loses of 50,000, and Lee only lossing 32,000, but Grant can get replacements.
  • Surrrender At Last!

    Surrrender At Last!
    Lee surrenders to Grant at McLean House, Appomattox, Virginia. Makeing this Grants Greatest Hour.
  • New Position

    New Position
    Congress Establishes a new rank of "General" for grant making him the first Four Star General
  • President?

    grant was nominated by the Republican National Convention he does no campanting and stays at home in Galena
  • Period: to

    Yes, He is President

    Grant is elected for two terms
  • Period: to

    Around the world tour

    Grant travels with his family and rutuinly has 15 course Dinners yet returnes to America having lost weight. His favorite places were Japan ans Switzerland
  • Period: to

    Return to the White House?

    evendence shows that though his wife Julia wanted to return to the White House Grant just didnt care and whanted to stay out of office.
  • The begining of the End

    The begining of the End
    On Christmas Eve Grant falls while trying to give a cab driver a $20, he falles on his side which seriously injures his hip, Grant will never agian walk without a cane of crutches.
  • Loss

    Grant looses his fourtune because his partner in the brokerage firm robbes him of his' families fourtune. This sendes Grant into a prolonged depression
  • Cancer

    Grant's illness of the throat is diagosed by docters as cancer
  • Period: to


    Grant finishes doccumenting his life just dayes befor his death.
  • Period: to

    The End

    The cancer spredes debilitating Grant, but he contuniues to write to provide for his family after his death
  • Last Move

    Last Move
    Grant's Family moves to New York because docters say the cooler climates will help Grant
  • Death

    At exatly 8:06am Grant Dies and his son, Fred stops the mantle clock then returns to his fathers bedside.Grants Memoirs sell 300,000 Copies erning Juila $500,000 and today it is considered the most well-written memoirs of a U.S. President.