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Tony Lewis's life

  • Dad in Navy

    Until he was 3 months old his father was in the Navy and he lived in a trailor park in Conneticut
  • Fell on head

    He fell on his head on the concrete and cracked his skull and was epileptic for the next 8 years.
  • Dad's job at Nuclear Plant

    His dad, Ralph Lewis gets a job at the Nuclear power plant, and they move to Cedar Rapids where he will live until college. From Conneticut to Cedar Rapids Iowa
  • Got a horse

    He got a horse named Smokie and got to ride it around. It was a pony. In Idaho.
  • Sister left to join air force

    His sister Steph left to join the air force. It was incredibly hard for him and his family, he still remembers crying when she got onto the greyhound bus.
  • Mother had stroke

    His mother had a stroke when she was driving to a doctor's appointment. She managed to pull over and contact an ambulance.
  • Joined cub scouts

    joined cub scouts, pack 33 at Cleveland school. Family all joined with him. Mom became a den mother, and dad was a pack leader. He was in it until he was 14. All of them were incredibly involved in scouts.
  • Mom Got sick

    His mother got very sick and lost both kindneys. She was put on peritoneal dialysis and she was on it for the next 9 years. It was tough because it involved bringing boxes of sugar water up from the basement every night so that she could be hooked up to the machine. He was given the responsibility of doing laundry and dishes.
  • Became an Eagle scout

    He didn't do any more scouts after that. That freed up a lot of time for his family.
  • Grandmother came to live in CR

    His grandmother moved to Cedar Rapids, only three blocks from him. They had to drive her because she was unable to drive, and their family holidays had to be rearranged around that.
  • Went off to College

    Moved out of his house to Davenport, Iowa to attend St. Ambrose. He ran cross country and was active in drama and studdies.
  • Grandma died

    It was hard on him. They had a special mass for her at school. She had moved back to Idaho because of a disagreement just before her death.
  • Mom died

    She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and a mitrovalve calcifacation. Her ashes were scattered in Wyoming in the Grand Tetons.
  • Dad remarried

    Dad remarried Becky. He got a stepsister. Dad moved out and sold his boyhood home, which was difficult for him.
  • Marrying Sue

    He met Sue and they got married
  • Had Sydney

    Sue and Tony had their first child Sydney
  • Quitting job to go to graduate school at UofI

    He quit his job and went to school to become a chiropractor. It impacted his wife and kid because they no longer had their main income. To this day he thinks of it as a mistake.
  • Had Madeline

    They had their second child, me
  • Moving to Italy

    Sold everything owned and picked up and moved to Italy.
  • Had Gabrielle

    Sue and Tony had third and final child Gabrielle (Gabby).