Tom hardy

  • 1840

    On June 2 Thomas Hardy was born at Higher Bockhampton, Dorset, eldest child of a builder, his parents were Thomas Hardy, and Jemima Hand.
  • 1848

    On this year Thomas started schooling in Dorset. Hardy's mother was an educated woman who taught him to read before he attended school. Hardy had a difficult childhood due to his family's poverty and lack of educational opportunities. However, his mother instilled in him a love of literature and poetry that would influence his career as a writer.
  • 1856

    After finishing school Thomas met Dorchester architect John Hicks, later to become his assistant. During the late 1850s developed his important friendship with Horace Moule, who becomes his intellectual mentor and encourages his self-education in literature
  • 1862

    Thomas was employed as a draughtsman by the architect Arthur Bloomfield. Hardy's self-education continues, incorporating earlier English writers, lectures, art galleries and operas.
  • 1868

    Completes his first novel The Poor Man and the Lady but it is rejected for publication.
  • 1870

    Meets Emma Lavinia Gifford, his future wife, on a professional visit to St. Juliot in north Cornwall.
  • 1871

    1871: He wrote Desperate Remedies. It was his second novel
    One year later, he published "Under the Greenwood Tree". 1898: He also wrote several books of poetry.
  • 1873 "A Pair of Blue Eyes"

    1873 "A Pair of Blue Eyes"
    He wrote "A Pair of Blue Eyes"
  • 1874 "Far From the Madding Crowd"

    1874 "Far From the Madding Crowd"
    He wrote another of his famous books, called "Far From the Madding Crowd". Hardy marries Emma and they live in Surbiton, London.
  • 1878 "The return of the native"

    1878 "The return of the native"
    "The return of the native"
  • 1887: "The woodlanders"

    1887: "The woodlanders"
    "The woodlanders"
  • 1895: "Judge the obscure"

    1895: "Judge the obscure"
    "Judge the obscure"
  • 1898: He also wrote several books of poetry.

    1898: He also wrote several books of poetry.
    He also wrote several books of poetry.
  • 1904

    Hardy's mother Jemima dies from a tuberculosis leaving Thomas devastated.
  • 1905

    Hardy meets Florence Dugdale, who would later become his second wife.
  • 1910

    Hardy is awarded the Order of Merit, having previously refused a knighthood.
  • 1912

    Emma dies
  • 1924

    1924: Dramatized version of one of hardy's books gets performed, the main actrees was Gertrude Bugler
  • 1928

    Hard dies. His heart is buried with Emma in Stinsford, his ashes in Westminster Abbey. Winter Words in Various Moods and Metres published posthumously. Hardy's brother Henry dies.