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  • When Eli's mom died

    When Eli's mom died
    Whitney's mother, Elizabeth Fay, died in 1777
  • The cotton gin

    The cotton gin
    Cotton gin machine cleaned cotton really quickly than a person could and cotton gin helped lot of people.
  • Eli Whitney

    Eli Whitney
    He was born in Westborough, Massachusetts.
  • Fact

    Cotton gin company went out of business in 1797
  • Early life and education

    Early life and education
    He worked as a farm and a schoolteacher to save money. He didn't go to school he selftaught
  • Death

    This is the that Eli Whitney died
  • Erarly life

    Erarly life
    He was born during slavery and his mother was kidnap and black people are not allowed to go to school.
  • Born

    He was born in 1847.
  • Born

    That's the date when Alexander graham bell born
  • Early Life

    Early Life
    Louis Pastuer early work was being a chemist and he resolved the problem concering the nature or tartic acid.
  • Early life

    Early life
    His father had to escape from Canada becuase, he took part in the unsuccessful he was home school and move to Kentuckey.
  • Born

    Louis Pasteur was Born in France
  • Family life (Alexander)

    Family life (Alexander)
    Bell married in Mabel Hubbard (1857–1923)
    He has two sons and two daughters
  • Made Pasturized Milk

    Made  Pasturized Milk
    Louis Pastuer invented milk that NO bacteria would get in.
  • Iteresting Info.

    Iteresting Info.
    Invented milk that no bacteria would get in, so it is considered bacteria free.
  • His most important invention

    His most important invention
    His most important work was the electricity
  • info about his life

    info about his life
    one night in 1862 he was working with a lead acid battery when he spilled it got on the floor and ranbeetwen the floor boards and into his boss's desk below him.The next morning Edison was fired
  • Born

    He was born in 1864
  • His most important

    His most important
    His most important invetion is pennut butter
  • information about his life

    information about his life
    From1933 to1935 carver was argely occupied with work on peanut oil massage for trating infantile paraliyris
  • Ealy life and education

    Ealy life and education
    Home schooling with his father. At an early age he enrolled at the Royal high school. And his main interest remained is science, especially biology.
    his early life in Scotland and later in Canada until 1882
  • House of Alexander

    House of Alexander
    Bell's father bought a house in Washington D.C. and later Alexander bought a house in the same city
  • Education

    He sent several letter's to collage and was finally accepted at highland collage
  • what did he made after the telephone? (Alexander)

    what did he made after the telephone?  (Alexander)
    In 1891, Bell had begun experiments to develop motor-powered heavier-than-air aircraft.
  • Death

    When Louis Pastuer died.
  • Death

    He died in Augest 2nd
  • Born

    Steve Wozniak was born 1950, and he has not died.
  • Born

    Steve Jobs was born 1955. He has not died.
  • Inportant Info.

    Inportant Info.
    He invented Apple 1 and Apple 2 and now he has crated what we call MacBook Pro (MBP)
  • Made his invention

    Made his invention
    Steve Wozniak made it in the mid-1970
  • Early Life

    Early Life
    He made the Apple 1 and Apple 2 and is working on mainframe the computer.
  • Inportant Info.

    Inportant Info.
    He invented all the I's and it is amazing that they are all touch.
  • Created all the I's

    Created all the I's
    They created IPads Iphones Itouch IPod all those things.
  • Early Life

    Early Life
    He was cheif exucutive for Pixar Animation studios and went to colloage but then he dropped out, then he worked for video games.