Timeline of the Atom

  • Discovery of the Atom

    Discovery of the Atom
    John Dalton, a British scientist, discovers the atom. He thinks that the atoms are solid.
  • Thomson Creates New Atom Model.

    Thomson Creates New Atom Model.
    J.J. Thomson, another British scientist, discovered the electron. After that, he creates another model of the atom, but includes the electrons. To him, an atom is a muffin with some kind of berry in it.
  • Another Model of the Atom

    Another Model of the Atom
    Hantaro Nagaoka, a Japanese physicist, creates a solar-system-like model of the atom, in which the protons circle around a large sphere in the center.
  • Yet Another Atom Model

    Ernest Rutherford, a British physicist, thought that the atom was mostly nothing. His model of the atom has the electrons circling the positivly charged nucleus randomly.
  • Onion Model Time

    Onion Model Time
    Niels Bohr, a Danish Physicist, said the electrons move around the rings, like an onion's rings.
  • ...Hoping this is the last one.

    ...Hoping this is the last one.
    The scientists finally decided on the current model, which resembles a cloud. The electrons are negatily charged and form a cloud around the nucleus. The things is, you cannot find where a specific electron actually is.
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