Timeline of post-apocolyptic films

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    Timeline of post-apocolyptic films

    Timeline of post-apocolyptic films
  • Metropolis

    Science fiction film set in a futuristic dystopia.
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still

    Science fiction film about an alien invasion.
  • The War of the Worlds

    1953 Science Fiction film. Adaption of novel of same name. Alien invasion.
  • Planet of the Apes

    Astronaut lands on planet ruled by apes but the astronaut finds out the planet is Earth.
  • Night of the Living Dead

    Characters are trapped in a farmhouse that is being attacked by corpses known as 'ghouls'.
  • Silent Running

    Future in which all plant life on Earth has been wiped out and has to be grown in a greenhouse in space.
  • Logan's Run

    To solve over-population in the future, humans are killed off when they reach the age of 30.
  • Mad Max

    Mad Max tells the story of a crumbling society.
  • Alien

    An aggressive alien hunts down crew members of a futuristic space ship.
  • The Terminator

    In a post apocolyptic future, machines seek to wipe out what's left of humanity.
  • Independence Day

    Aliens invade planet Earth on Independence day
  • The Matrix

    Machines keep humans in a simulated reality to let them believe they are living in 1999.