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Timeline of Education in the United States

  • Period: to

    Time Span of Education in United States

  • Average lifetime school attendance

    Average ltime spent in school <82 days
  • Thomas Jefferson Drafted for 3 years of Public schooling in Virgia Assembly

    Initially failed and was attempted three more times. Advanced public schooling for select few. No schooling for blacks and only 3 years for girls. Radical idea that the Democratic republic required educated individuals.
  • Webster published Blue Back Speller

    Published to begin uniting 13 colonies into one nation. Taught students about the United States.
  • Horace Mann Appointed 1st Secretary of Board of Education

    Found the education to be based on taxes and fees paid by parents. A system of inequality.
  • Average School Attendance in Mass. 4 mo and $2.81 per Capita

  • Bishop Hewes initiates Great School Debates in NY

    A Catholic Bishop protests the Prodestant learning that was in Pulbic schools. Asks for Government funds for Catholic schools.
  • Philadelphia Bible Riots

    rioting over the use of the Prodestant Bible (King James) in pubic schools. !3 dead and Catholic church burned to the ground.
  • Petition of Boston School Commitee to desegregate

    Suite brought by 90 black parents. The board investigated and found poor conditions, but there was no reulting action
  • Catherin Beecher Advocated for Women to be Teachers

    Made teaching respectable for middle class women. Fufilled the desperate need for teachers out in the Western States.
  • Average School Attendance in Mass, 7 mo. and $4.80 per Capita

  • Benjamin Roberts before Boston Supreme Court for desegregation

    Mr. Roberts on behalf of his daughter tried to enroll daughter in 5 schools closer to his home and was denied based on race. Ruled against by Chief Justice Shaw.
  • Arch Bishop Hewes of NY created Catholic school system

    Largest alternative to public school in the United States
  • 1at Law abolishing Segregation in Schools

    Law passed in Massechusetts
  • Civil War Ends

    4 million American slaves freed and ready to be educated. (all ages)
  • US Public School 7.6 mill enrolled/ $63 mill spent

  • "The School and Society" written by John Dewey

    The father of progressive education. Wrote this book attacking rigid school system. He thought that school should be a hospital place for children
  • US Public School 12.7 mill enrolled/$12.7 mill

  • US Most Public School Children that any Country

  • Supreme Court Sited Shaw That Seperate Could be Equal

    National Supreme Court upholds segregation
  • 1900 50% of Children in School 5yrs

  • Gary, Indidiana Progressive school to teach Large Influx of workers and their children

    Split shift system used
    Adult education on nights and weekends
    Work/ Study/ Play system
  • Two million children working in America

  • Mayor Mitchell of New York impelments Gary Plan in Public Schools

    Mayor Mitchell on NYC inplementing Gary plan in a number of schools. Riots break out - 5000 people in the streets. Mitchell will lose the next mayoral race due to backlash.
  • Chicago Students Burn German Text Books

    As a result of WWI burned German books. 35 states teach English only in the schools and American History that celebrate US heros.
  • Public School Expenditures $1 billion 17% Graduate High School

  • IQ tested 1 millon children every year

  • Bann Child Labor

    States reuqire school enrollment till 16 years old
  • 1945 High School Graduate Rate 45%

  • African American's with High School Diplomas 13.7%

  • Medical/ Law degrees Awarded to Women 0.95 %

  • Average School Attendance 9 years

  • African American Segregated by Law in 17 States

  • Average Schooling for Mexican Americans 5.4 years

  • 28% Enrollment of Disabled Students

  • Rev. Oliver Brown Attempts to Enroll Daughter in Local White School

    Topeka, Kansas 13 black parents banned from enrolling children in local white schools. Sued Board of Education of Topeka
    went to the Supreme court.
  • High School Athletes that are Women 7.4%

  • Best Seller "Education Wastelands" by Author Bestor Attacks Progressive Education

    Criticized progressive education - advocataed return to traditional systemn. Believed we required an intelligent citenzery
  • Supreme Court Sites Brown vs. Mass. Board of Education - desegregation

    Ruling of the court in 1896 overturned in favor of desegregation
  • Supreme Court Upholds Brown vs. Board of Education

    Unanimous vote that seperate is not equal.
  • Sputnik launched by Russians

    Resulted in dramatic shift in education toward Math and Sciences
  • Gov. of Arkansas calls Nat'l Guard to stop 9 Black Students from High School

    Eisenhower sent Federal troops to enforce law
  • Pres. Eisenhower signed National Defense Education Act

    In response to launch of Sputnik. Federal government poured $100 million/year into public education. Preparing students to reach the moon.
  • 98% Black children in Southern Schools stiil in Black Schools

    Almost no desegregation of faculty
  • Civil Rights Act

    Banns discrimination based upon race or ethnicity in any Fed. program - mainly public schools. Possible loss of federal funds for noncompliance
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act

    Increase in Fed funds. First four years $4billion to disadvantaged students.
  • Crystal City, Tx High School Students Petition School Board

    Mexican American issues an attempted presentation fails as school board adjourns with a hearing. Next day 500 students walk out within a week 2/3 of high school walks out of school. Federal mediators are brought in - no changes - board says when funds are available
  • Bilingual Education Act

    Fed money for students where their first language in not English
  • Crystal City High School 4/7 of School Baord Seats are held by Mexican American

  • Supreme Court Upheld In City Limit Busing - Desegregation

    Supreme Court Upheld In City Limit Busing - Desegregation
  • Title IX - Can't Discriminate based on Gender

    Title IX - Can't Discriminate based on Gender
    Fed $ withheld
  • Fed Judge: Bus Suburban Students into Detroit -Desegregation

    City Students would also be buses out to Suburb school. 800,000 students affected. Judgement struck down by Supreme Court in 1974. Thurgood Marshall dissented.
  • Bilingual Education Upheld by Supreme Court for Chinese Americans in San Francisco

  • Dorthy Raffle Added to Law Suite for Failure to Enforce Title IX

  • East Harlem school district in NYC begins Choice Experiment

    Smaller alternative public schools housed within a building. East Harlem was consistently scored the lowest time after time before adopting this model within 13 years it tested in the middle of all schools in NYC
  • African American's with High School Diplomas 51.4%

    African American's with High School Diplomas 51.4%
  • Medical/Law degrees awarded to Women 30%

  • Average School Attendance 12.5 years

  • Higher Graduation Requirements in 35 States

  • Annual Cost of Standardized Testin $500 million

  • Wisconsin first State to use Vouchers

    400 students to use public money to attend private nonsecular schools - low income
  • New York City Allows for School choice anywhere with in city

  • Private Company EAI manage Large Urban shcools in Baltimore, MD

    High Tech curriculum
    decrease art and music
    Using same amount of funds and still make a profit
  • Voucher Debate to include Religious Schools

    thought to be a violation of the seperation of Church and State
  • School privatization with public money Shot down in MD

  • Cleavland, Ohio First State to allow vouchers for Christian Schools

  • Arizona allows EAI to Run Small Charter Schools

  • 1500 Students in Wisconsin's voucher program

  • Homeschooling Leagal in All 50 States

  • Congress gives $80 million for new charter Schools

  • Students Homeschooled 2.5%

    limited voucher plans in Milwaki, Cleavland and Florida
    Students using public funded vouchers 0.03%
  • Total Charter Schools 2100 those schools run privatly 173

    Total public schools in US 90,000
  • Public School Enrollment 47.8 million

  • Children enrolled in Public Schools 90%