Timeline- Explorers

  • Jose Guiterra de Lara

    -Mexican Revolutionary
    - born in present day guerro
    -Met the Ministers of britian, denmark, and russia
    -left for U.S March 17 1811
  • Phillip Nolan

    Phillip Nolan came to texas to capture Mustangs and market them for money in Louisiana. He also Explored and made maps. He was arrested in 1800 for, supposedly, spending way too much time with Wilkinson.He was in a fight with Spanish soldiers when he returned and few of his men were killed.
  • Dr. James Long

    Leader of the Long Expedition, James was born in Virginia. He joined the U.S army to work as a surgeon in the war of 1812 and after the battle of new Orleans went to Natchez, Mississippi, practiced medison at port Gibson, and bought a Plantation near Vicksburg, He was imprisoned in San Antonio and in Monterrry.. He was shot and killed by a gaurd inMexico City, on April 8, 1822.
  • Augustus Magee

    -He died in the nuestra Senora de Loreto Presidio
    -Friends with Peter Daniel Davenport and Juan Jose Manuel Vincent Zambrano
    - Army officer
    -Served under James Wilkinson
  • Jean Lafitte

    In his period Mexicans were trying to gain indepedance,