• horse drawn seed driller

    jethro tull is credited with inventing the first horse drawn seed drill in england
  • Period: to


  • Cotton Gin

    eli whitney invented the cotton gin to transform cotton to a usable product by removing the cotton seed from the cotton fiber
  • iron plow

    created by thomas jefferson and his son in law thomas mann randolph
  • Grain reaper

    Cyrus mccormick invented the reaper to save labor in cutting wheat and oats
  • seed planter planter

    henry blair se ond black inventor to receive patent
  • cotton planter

    henry blair
  • steel moldboad plow

    john deere improved the iron plow
  • corn picker

    edmund quincy
  • barbed wire

    joseph glidden dramatically changed raising livestock
  • milking machine

    anna baldwin invented the milking machine to stopnhand milking
  • refrigerator

    thomas elkins preserving perishble foods
  • george washington carver

    soil improvement and crop rotation
  • tractor

    benjamin holt invented the track type tractor and commercializzed catterpillar
  • smith hughes act

    establishes vocational classes
  • virginia was the first

    to have ffa
  • ffa became national organization

  • nfa

    new farmers of america was formed for black students
  • national charter

    ffa got federal charter
  • merge

    nfa ffa merged
  • girls

    were allowed in ffa
  • name change

    ffa changed to national ffa organization
  • gene gun

    john sanford developed a device for injecting cells with genetic info
  • robotic milking machine

    first used in ontario canada
  • gps technology

    tractor based gps system
  • return to loiusville

    finished 7 year run in indiana