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FFA Important Dates

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    FFA Important Dates

  • Smith HughesAct 1917

    Smith HughesAct 1917
    In 1917 Congress passed the National Vocational Act aka SMITH HUGHES ACT. It created agriculture classes throughout the country.
  • FFA Club

    FFA Club
    Early 1920’s Virginia formed the first Future Farmers club for boys in agriculture classes.
  • First Livestock Contest

    First Livestock Contest
    1926: First vocational agriculture students participated in National Livestock judging Contests.
  • First National FFA convention

    First National FFA convention
    First National FFA Convention in Kansas City: 64 delegates from 33 states.
  • Launched FFA organization

    Launched FFA organization
    While in Kansas City 33 delegates from 18 states met at the Hotel Baltimore and launched the FFA Organization.
  • FFA Colors

    FFA Colors
    1929 National blue & corn gold adopted as official colors.The blue reminds us that the FFA is a national organization and gold reminds us that corn is a native American crop grown in every state.
  • Offical FFA Creed

    Offical FFA Creed
    Official FFA Creed Adopted. It was written by Erwin Milton Tiffany (E.M.) of Wisconsin.
  • First Speaking event

    First Speaking event
    First National Public Speaking event.
  • Official Dress

    Official Dress
    Blue corduroy jacket adopted as official dress.
  • NFA Found

    NFA Found
    New Farmers of America National Organization founded.
    FFA was a agricultural student organization for African American students. First meetinng May 1927.
  • FFA Headquarters

    FFA Headquarters
    Land purchased for first FFA owned national headquarters.
  • National FFA Founded and First National awards

    National FFA Founded and First National awards
    National FFA Foundation founded and first National Proficiency Awards presented.
  • FFA Band and Exchange

    FFA Band and Exchange
    1st National FFA Band at National Convention. First international exchange program for FFA members.
  • Public Law 740

    Public Law 740
    First Federal Charter passed by Congress.Federal Law makes FFA an intra-curricular part of the educational program.
  • "The National Future Farmer" magazine

    "The National Future Farmer" magazine
    First issue of national FFA magazine “The National Future Farmer”-informed students about FFA & Agriculture. FFA Code of Ethics Adopted.The Code of Ethics is a pledge by FFA members to conduct themselves as professional young adults at all times..
  • FFA Stamp

    FFA Stamp
    First Commemorative FFA stamp issued by the US Post Office.
  • FFA Center in Virginia

    FFA Center in Virginia
    Dedication of 1st National FFA Center in Alexandria, Virginia
  • Merging FFA and NFA

    Merging FFA and NFA
    1965: Merger of New Farmers of America & Future Farmers of America. An increase of membership as all races were allowed.
  • Creed Revised

    Creed Revised
    FFA Creed was revised in 1965 & 1990.
  • First Career Show

    First Career Show
    First FFA National Agricultural Career Show at National Convention.
  • First Female

    First Female
    Membership was opened to female students.At the 42nd National Convention delegates voted to open membership to female students.
  • First Alumni Group

    First Alumni Group
    National FFA Alumni Association Formed. It was formed to help former members stay involved in FFA.
  • First Student Handbook

    First Student Handbook
    First FFA Student handbook published.
  • FFA Golden Anniversary.

    FFA Golden Anniversary.
    Golden Anniversary Convention.
  • Noting FFA Finding in Kansas City

    Noting FFA Finding in Kansas City
    Commemorative marker noting site of FFA founding unveiled in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • First Extemporaneous Event

    First Extemporaneous Event
    First Extemporaneous Public Speaking Event.
  • FFA Name changes

    FFA Name changes
    National Convention student leaders voted to change the name to the National FFA Organization.
  • "FFA New Horizons"

    "FFA New Horizons"
    The magazine was renamed “FFA New Horizons” to reflect the changing face of agriculture education & FFA.
  • FFA Creed Revised again

    FFA Creed Revised again
    FFA creed revised for the second time after 1965.
  • Virgin Islands and Guam join

    Virgin Islands and Guam join
    Virgin Islands & Guam chartered as state associations.
  • H.O. Awards

    H.O. Awards
    H.O. Sargent Awards presented.
  • Entrepreneurship Awards

    Entrepreneurship Awards
    First Entrepreneurship Awards presented.
  • FFA Center in Indianaopolis

    FFA Center in Indianaopolis
    Dedication of the National FFA Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • First FFA convention in Kentucky

    First FFA convention in Kentucky
    National FFA Convention held for the 1st time in Louisville, Kentucky, and first National Creed Speaking Event.
  • Discovery Degree

    Discovery Degree
    Discovery Degree first available.