FFA History

  • Smith-Hughes Act

    Smith-Hughes Act
    Provided funding for agriculture for vocational agriculture courses
  • Future Farmers of Virginia

    Future Farmers of Virginia
    Agricultural education teacher educators Henry C. Groseclose, Harry W. Sanders, Walter S. Newman and Edmund C. Magill met at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech) and organized Future farmers of Virginia (FFV) for boys in agriculture classes. FFV would become the model for Future Farmers of America.
  • First Livestock Judging Contest

    First Livestock Judging Contest
    First National Congress of Vocational Agriculture Students assembled for a National Livestock Judging contest at the American Royal Livestock and Horse Show in Kansas City, Mo.
  • First Constitution for Future farmers of Virginia

    First Constitution for Future farmers of Virginia
    H.O. Sargent and G.W. Owens wrote the first constitution and bylaws of the New Farmers of Virginia, an organization for African American agriculture students. New Farmers of Virginia held its first state rally that same year.
  • First National FFA Convention

    First National FFA Convention
    First National FFA Convention held in Kansas City: 33 delegates from 18 states in attendance.
  • Official Colors

    Official Colors
    National blue and corn gold adopted as official FFA colors
  • Official FFA Creed

    Official FFA Creed
    Official FFA Creed, written by E.M. Tiffany, adopted.
  • Puerto Rico FFA Association

    Puerto Rico FFA Association
    Charter granted to Puerto Rico Association
  • Official Jacket

    Official Jacket
    Blue Corduroy jacket adopted as FFA official dress
  • Tuskegee Institute

    Tuskegee Institute
    New Farmers of America (NFA) founded at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.
  • National FFA Camp

    National FFA Camp
    During National FFA Convention, action was taken to establish a national FFA camp and leadership training school in Washington, D.C.
  • FFA Headquarters

    FFA Headquarters
    Land purchased in Virginia for first FFA-owned national headquaters.
  • Participation in war

    Participation in war
    FFA members joined in the war effort. Three former FFA member Robert Gray from Texas, Travis Hoover from California and Melvin Jordan from Oklahoma served with then Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle and participated in the famous air raid on Tokyo.
  • Future Farmers of America Foundation

    Future Farmers of America Foundation
    future Farmers of America Foundation formed in Washington, D.C.
  • 12,500

    Attendance at national FFA "Victory Convention" was 12,500. Those in attendance honored the 260,450 FFA members who served and the 7,188 who paid the supreme sacrifice
  • FFA Band

    FFA Band
    First Official FFA band performance
  • Too many people

    Too many people
    So many people attended the National convention that folding cots had to used for chairs
  • The National Future Farmer

    The National Future Farmer
    "The National Future Farmer" Magazine published it's first issue
  • 25th

    25th anniversary for FFA
  • NFA and FFA

    NFA and FFA
    The NFA and the FFA merged together, making the FFA membership increase 50,000.
  • Career show

    Career show
    The First Agriculture Career Show, at National FFA Convention.
  • Nixon spoke

    Nixon spoke
    President Nixon, canidate at the time, spoke at FFA convention.
  • Girls

    Girls allowed to join FFA
  • BOAC

    BOAC Program began : Building our American Communities
  • FFA Alumni Association

    FFA Alumni Association
    National FFA Alumni Association founded
  • African American

    African American
    First African American to hold National FFA Office. Fred McClure
  • Student Handbook

    Student Handbook
    First FFA student handbook published
  • Alaska

    Alaska Became the last of 50 states to get FFA charter.
  • Kansas city

    Kansas city
    Commemorative marker noting site of FFA founding revealed at Kansas City.
  • Christie Peterson

    Christie Peterson
    Christie Peterson won the first Extemporaneous Public Speaking Event.
  • One million dollars

    One million dollars
    National FFA Foundation rasies One million dollars in one year for the first time.
  • Female president

    Female president
    First Female National FFA president: Jan Eberly from California
  • AG ED Network

    AG ED Network
    AG ED Network: computerized information service: launched
  • FFA TV announcement

    FFA TV announcement
    First FFA TV public service announcement broadcast.
  • National Television

    National Television
    First National FFA convention broadcast on National Televison.
  • 7th and 8th

    7th and 8th
    FFA membership allows seventh and eighth graders.
  • FFA New Horizons

    FFA New Horizons
    "The National Future Farmer" becomes "FFA New Horizons"
  • PALS

    Partners in Active Learning Support or PALS, program launched
  • Corey Flourony

    Corey Flourony
    Corey Flourony becomes first african american to be National FFA persident
  • Indianapolis

    FFA announced decision to move The National FFA center from Alexandria VA to Indianapolis
  • Agri-Entrepreneurship

    First Agri-Entrepreneurship Awards presented
  • Louisville

    National FFA Convention held in Louisville for the first time.
  • Discovery degree

    Discovery degree
    FFA discovery degree avalible for middle school ffa members
  • 75 years

    75 years
    75th national convention: 50th convention time capsule opened.
  • FFA Live

    FFA Live
    FFA Live! Went on RFD-TV
  • Live webcast

    Live webcast
    First Live webcast of national FFA con is on FFA. org
  • 10 million dollars

    10 million dollars
    FFA foundation makes $10 million by rasing money in FFA programs and services.
  • 500,000

    Membership hits all-time high with 523,309 members.
  • Alumni's 40th

    Alumni's 40th
    National FFA Alumni Association: 40th annaversiary.
  • Last year

    Last year
    Last year FFA national convention held in Indianapolis.