Emi's FFa Hitstory Timeline

By emi101
  • Smith Hughes Act

    The Smith-Hughes National Vocational Act (both smith and hughes were Georgia Congressmen) established vocational agriculture courses.
  • Future Farmers

    • Future Farmers of America (FFA) is established at a meeting in Kansas City, Mo.
    • The national FFA convention – the first – is attended by 33 delegates from 18 states.
    • Leslie Applegate of New Jersey is selected as the first national FFA president.
    • State associations of the New Farmers of America form regional sections and hold
    sectional meetings
  • 2nd national ffaconvention

    • At the 2ndNational FFA Convention in November 1929, 33 states are represented by 64 delegates.
    • Thirty-five state associations with approximately 1,500 chapters and 30,000 members are now
    affiliated with the national organization.
    • National blue and corn gold are adopted as official FFA colors.
    • The Star Farmer of America award – one of the first awards created by FFA – is presented to Carlton
    Patton of Arkansas.
  • Official FFA Creed

    • Official FFA Creed written by E.M. Tiffany is adopted.
    • First national public speaking event is held. Winner: Edward Drace, Missouri.
    • First Official Dress uniformis adopted: dark blue shirt, blue or white pants, blue
    cap and yellow tie.
    • Delegates restrict membership to boys only.
    • First official FFA manual is printed.
  • New Farmers Of America

    • New Farmers of America is founded in Tuskegee, Ala.
    • Active FFA membership exceeds 100,000 members.
  • A bill passed

    • A bill is passed by the 81st Congress of the United Statesthat grants FFA a federal charter and specifies
    that a U.S. Department of Education staff member be the national FFA advisor. On Aug. 30, President
    Harry S. Truman signs the bill, and it becomes Public Law 81-740.
  • New Farmers

    • New Farmers of Americamerges with the Future Farmers of America.
  • FFa Opens Membership

    • FFA opens membership to girls, making it possible for them to hold office and participate in
    competitive events at regional and national levels.
    • First National Star in Agribusiness, Ken Dunagan from Arizona, is named.
    • FFA Washington Conference (now called Washington Leadership Conference, or WLC) begins
  • Futre Famers of america

    • Future Farmers of America changes its name to National FFA Organization to better reflect the
    expanded agricultural opportunities encompassing science, business and technology, in addition to
    production farming.
    • FFA opens membership to seventh- and eighth-grade students.
    • Agriscience Student Recognition Program is introduced.
  • Blue Couduroy Jackets

    • Blue corduroy jacketis adopted as official dress.
    • A group of FFA officers and members travelto Washington, D.C., where they
    are greeted on the White House lawn by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • FFA Announces it's decision

    • FFA announces its decision to move the National FFA Center from Alexandria, Va., to Indianapolis, Ind.
    • FFA announces its decision to move the national FFA convention from Kansas City, Mo., to Louisville,
    • The official website for FFA, www.ffa.org, debuts.
  • National FFA

    • National FFA Centeris moved from Alexandria, Va., to Indianapolis, Ind. The new National FFA Center
    building – which houses the National FFA
    Organization, the National FFA Foundation and the
    National FFA Alumni Association – is dedicated on
    July 20.
    • National FFA convention is held in Kansas City, Mo., for the last time.
    • Jose Santiago is elected to national office; he is the first member from Puerto Rico to serve as a
    national FFA officer.
    • The 105th Congress of the United States revi
  • FFA Discovery degree is available

    • FFA Discovery Degree is available for middle school FFA members.
    • The National FFA Archives at Indiana University Purdue University in Indianapolis opens
  • First female start farmer

    • First female Star Farmer is named: Karlene Lindow, Wisconsin
    • Official Dressstandards are revised.
  • National FFa Launches Seeds

    • National FFA launches Seeds of Hope, a fundraising campaign to help rebuild Gulf Coast states’
    agricultural education and FFA programs following Hurricane Katrina; $835,699 in donations is
    distributed to affected programs.
    • FFA Foundation breaks the $10 million mark in raising money for FFA programs and services.
    • National FFA convention is held in Louisville, Ky., for the last time.