time line

By a dog
  • Period: 200 to


  • 204


    The one the Devine mind
  • 348

    Plato Was Born

    he believed something could not come from nothing. was a scentific person believed in matter and atoms
  • 360


    introduce philosphy to the greek mosely religious
  • 391


    inspired by democritus he pursed pleasure and avoided pain
  • 400


    piogenes he lives in a barrel believes the world is without order
  • 420

    Siddhartha Was Born

    Studied Buda
  • 480

    Socratics Was Born

    Believed in the chinese god known as the buda
  • 490

    Pythagoras Was Born

    Believed that mathamatics was a way of figuring out the mysterys of the world
  • 585

    Thales Was Born

    He belives in the four elements water, fire, air, earth he is also famous for predicting a eclips.
  • Jan 15, 1033


    He believed in the proof the existence of god
  • Jun 16, 1433


    Believed in Astrology
  • Jul 21, 1450


    he is a platonistc and a neoplatonist
  • Jul 21, 1548


    Said the earth is not the center but the world is indefinent
  • Descartes

  • Locke

    Everything we know comes from our senses
  • Spinoza

    Nature=God God= Nature
  • Hume

    Was a empiricist he Believe every knowlegde we have comes from experience
  • Immanuel

    Believed in Freedom God And Immortality
  • Jermy

    By Nature we seek Pleasure but avoid pain
  • Kierkguard

    Believed in objective that truth is percily the nature of which we choose
  • Marx

    Believed that religion is the operate of the masses
  • Friedrich

    He is the Origan of Word
  • Sigmound

    Founder of the unconcience mind
  • Saurssure

    First to Study Science
  • W.E.D Bois

    is the soul of black folks believeds that black people should rise from discrmination by taking all of the traid jobs to earn the respect of the white man
  • Heidegger

    Big support of the naiz Studied hitler
  • Ludwig

    Picture of theroy langueage
  • Jean-Paul

    Existence comes before essence
  • Simone

    ethics of ambiguity, feminism
  • Simone Weal

    Metaphysics cosmology ethics political philosophy
  • Albert

    Ethics humanity justice love politics
  • Micheal

    Studied the history of sexuality