Thurgood Marshalls Fighter For Justice

By Niiofei
  • This is when he was born.

    1908 – Born July 2 at Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
  • Thurgood Marshall got married

    He got married to Vivian Burey. This happen the year he is supposed to gradute from college.
  • He gradutes from college

    He gradute from college in 1930 he gradute from Linclon Unversity
  • He gets a law degee

    Receives law degree from Howard University and begins private practice in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • His first case

    Working with Charles Houston, wins first major civil rights case.
  • He is a assistant

    Becomes assistant special counsel for NAACP in New York.
  • The case in New York.

    Won case for integration of schools in Hillburn, New York.
  • Argue was sucessful

    Successfully argues Smith v. Allwright, overthrowing the South's "white primary".
  • He wins in the superme court.

    Wins Shelley v. Kraemer, in which Supreme Court strikes down legality of racially restrictive covenants.
  • Superme court.

    Wins Supreme Court victories in two graduate-school integration cases.
  • Landmark case

    Wins Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, landmark case that demolishes legal basis for segregation in America.
  • Civil Right

    Defends civil rights demonstrators, winning Supreme Court victory in Garner v. Louisiana; nominated to Second Circuit Court of Appeals by President John F. Kennedy.
  • All of his case.

    Appointed United States Solicitor General by President Lyndon B. Johnson; wins 14 of the 19 cases he argues for the government (1965–1967).
  • African American

    Becomes first African American named to U.S. Supreme Court (1967–1991).
  • He retires

    Retires from the Supreme Court.
  • Thurgood Marshall when he was dead

    Thurgood Marshall when he was dead
    This Thurgood Marshall when he die. He died January 24 1993.Marshall died of heart failure in Bethesda, Maryland.